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Coronavirus: Figures continue to rise, nearly 2,500 Covid patients in hospital

Today the new measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus. And they are necessary, because the numbers continue to go bad. For example, almost 7,900 people are infected with the virus every day, an average of 250 corona patients are hospitalized and 30 people die every day.

According to the most recent figures from Sciensano Nearly 7,900 coronavirus infections are now detected every day. In concrete terms, this concerns 7,876 infections per day. Those are the numbers for the week from 9 to 15 October. A week earlier On average, slightly less than 4,400 people were infected every day.

Twice more than 10,000 infections

Last week we passed the limit of 10,000 infections per day on no less than two days. Tuesday 13 october 12,051 infections have been identified. One day later, on Wednesday October 14th, there were 10,932. A total of 222,253 Belgians have already been infected with the virus since it broke out in our country earlier this year.

Positive tests

That same week, an average of 53,200 Belgians were tested for the virus every day. That is partly the reason for the high number of infections. Partly, because the positivity ratio also continues to rise.

That is the number of positive tests compared to all the tests administered. This ratio is currently 14.7 percent. So every day an average of 7,820 are told that they have tested positive.

An average of 252 hospital admissions

Last week, 252 corona patients were hospitalized. That’s a doubling of the number of week before. Yesterday 257 corona patients were still admitted. That’s remarkable, because it was Sunday. On Saturday there were even 351 new corona patients. That number has not been this high since April.

In total, almost 2,500 corona patients are now in Belgian hospitals. 2,485 to be exact. Of these, 412 need intensive care. 195 of them receive supplemental oxygen. Since the start of the corona crisis in our country, more than 23,000 people have now been hospitalized.

An average of 30 deaths

Every day 30 Belgians die from the consequences of Covid-19. That’s an increase of 14 percent compared to the figures of the week before. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 10,413 corona patients have now died.

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