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Coronavirus from Berkshire: hit the latest schools, hospitals and businesses

Schools, hospitals and companies in Berkshire continue to be affected by the growing outbreak of the potentially deadly coronavirus.

It was confirmed that 798 people have now tested positive for the virus on Friday 13 March.

The British government has not yet told schools to close to try to contain the spread of the virus.

However, a number of schools across Berkshire closed to undergo thorough cleaning after it was revealed that pupils or staff had been in contact with people who had the virus or had experienced symptoms after traveling in the areas. affected.

Here’s what we know about the Berkshire companies, schools and organizations that have been affected so far.

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Wexham Park Hospital

Wexham Park staff contracted Coronavirus

It was revealed on Thursday March 12 that a number of Slough hospital employees were diagnosed with coronavirus.

One patient was treated after testing positive for the virus over the weekend.

The aged care department was also closed for new admissions.

Frimley Heath NHS Foundation Trust has released a statement stating: “In addition to a patient at Wexham Park Hospital who tests coronavirus positive (COVID-19), a small number of staff members also gave positive results.

“The patient was transferred to an isolation ward as soon as they tested positive. They continue to be monitored and treated there.

“The positive staff is now self-insulating at home.

“The affected elderly care department is temporarily closed to new hospitalizations for two weeks.

“Patients with temporary closure will be contacted directly.

“The Trust is following Public Health England and NHS guidelines on the virus and all other services are functioning normally. Patients and staff should continue to attend appointments normally and get to work unless advised to do not do it.”

Manor Green School, Maidenhead

Maidenhead Special Education Needs School closed for deep cleaning on Friday 13 March after one of the teachers was suspected of having contracted the coronavirus.

The staff member was not at school all week, but the building was closed for cleaning.

A statement on the school website said, “Unfortunately, because the staff member has not been in contact with a known courier, or has been abroad in a country with prevalent Coronavirus rates in the past 14 days, it cannot be tested. (NHS policy).

“The government has now decided that only hospitalized patients will be tested.”

The school will be closed on Monday 16 March when the decision is made to reopen it on Tuesday.

A statement on Friday March 13 said: “We have had further communications with Public Health England and their constant advice is that schools should remain open regardless of whether a school has suffered a suspected or confirmed coronavirus case.

“Unfortunately, this position is very oriented towards traditional schools where the student population is considered” healthy “. Since suspect cases will not be tested if they are not hospitalized, we will not be able to accurately report to parents about suspects or confirmed cases.

“There is no specific guide available from schools for special Public Health England educational needs in England, but due to the cohort of our students and the complex medical needs that some face, we believe we need to implement a more detailed response.

“Therefore, according to the NHS guide, we ask parents / guardians to isolate all students who exhibit symptoms (a high temperature and / or a new continuous cough) for a period of seven days. Also, if students do not present with any symptom but the parents / carers do not feel comfortable with the child who comes to school, so we fully accept it and authorize any absence.

FC reading

The reading of the FC season is now uncertain

It was revealed on March 13, the next three games for Mark Bowen’s team have been postponed.

The Royals were to play in Stoke City on Saturday March 14, Derby County on Tuesday March 17 and Brentford at home on Saturday March 21.

However, an emergency meeting of the English Football League was held on March 13 and it was decided to postpone all games until “at least” Saturday, April 4.

The Avenue School, Tilehurst

The Avenue Special School in Conwy Close, Tilehurst
The Avenue Special School in Conwy Close, Tilehurst

A school child with special educational needs was told to isolate himself after coming into contact with a coronavirus patient.

Letters were sent to parents to inform them of the situation, confirming that the pupil was considered low risk.

Principal Symon Cooke said: “With current information from the Department of Education (DfE) and Public Health England (PHE), the child was not contagious while he was present at school and therefore nobody in school was exposed to the virus here.

“The decision was made to inform parents as some of our pupils are more vulnerable with basic health conditions and it is important to keep our community informed.”

Local elections

Local elections could be postponed

Elections will take place in Wokingham, Slough and Reading Berkshire in May.

However, the Electoral Commission announced on March 13 that it had written to the government urging it to hold its votes in November.

A tweet said: “We have written to the UK government to recommend postponing the May polls until the autumn following the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is due to the growing risks for the delivery of the polls and to mitigate the impact on voters, activists and electoral administrators.”

Boris Johnson has confirmed that the elections will be postponed.

Ascot United FC

The football team closed for deep preventive cleaning after a host fan tested positive for coronavirus.

Public Health England told the club that the exposure risk was considered “low”.

The ground has been closed since Wednesday 11 March while the club has asked for advice and performed a thorough cleaning. It was reopened on Friday 13 March.

Willow Bank Infant School, Duffield Road, Woodley

This is the school where the staff member tested positive for coronavirus.

The school closed for deep cleaning and while staff were in isolation, but was reopened on Wednesday 11 March.

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Coronavirus in Berkshire

Willow Bank Junior School, Duffield Road, Woodley

The middle school is next to the kindergarten, and consequently also the staff decided to close for a deep cleaning.

But it’s now reopened.

Aldryngton Primary School, Silverdale Road, Earley

The school was closed for a deep cleaning on Monday 2 March.

Director Elaine Stewart said the person who tested positive for the Willow Bank children’s coronavirus visited the school to train.

As a precaution, he made the decision to close the school for the day for deep cleaning.

Great Hollands elementary school, Wordsworth, Bracknell

Bracknell Primary School closed for deep preventive cleaning.

The pupils were sent home on Monday 2nd March and the school on Friday 6th March.

Bulmershe School, Woodlands Avenue, Woodley

A staff member self-isolated until Wednesday 11 March due to a child with Willow Bank infants.

Since then the school has revealed in a letter to parents that there are currently 13 self-isolated families.

School trips to Cern in Switzerland and skiing have both been canceled.

St Bartholomew’s School, Andover Road, Newbury

Four pupils of the school decided to isolate themselves after a trip to Northern Italy.

A spokesman said: “There are no known cases of coronavirus in our school community.

“A number of students went to Northern Italy in the category 2 area.

“Students and parents made the decision to isolate themselves.

“Currently four students have made that decision.”

LVS Ascot, London Road, Ascot

The private school told 32 children and five staff members not to enter after a school trip to Italy during the semester.

The group was told to self-isolate themselves as a precaution.

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St. Peter’s Church Of England Middle School, Old Windsor

The school closed on Wednesday 26 February to be carefully cleaned out, as a precaution.

It reopened the following day.

In a statement on the school’s Facebook page, principal Andy Snipp said: “All actions have been taken entirely as a precaution and I am now confident that our duty of diligence has been exercised effectively and efficiently.”

San Michele elementary school, Dee Road, Reading

The Dee Road school, Tilehurst, closed after a staff member developed flu-like symptoms following a trip to northern Italy.

Closed Thursday 26 February and reopened the following day.


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