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Coronavirus: Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz are tested

Model Heidi Klum lies with cold-like Symptoms in bed. You don’t feel good, said Klum on Friday in a short video in her Instagram Story. Now the 46-year-old gave an update on her situation and that of her husband Tom Kaulitz.

Klum and Kaulitz tested for coronavirus

“I’ve been feeling bad all week and unfortunately my husband who came back from his tour a few days ago also feels sick”, writes Klum on Instagram. To stay safe, the couple would now be separated until the results of their tests on the novel Corona virus available. You can see how in the video of her contribution Klum and Kaulitz kissing – through a glass pane.

“Stay at home”

“It’s a strange time,” writes the Model further. “But in those moments you remember what really matters. The people you love and their safety.” That is why social distance is the only right thing to do right now. “Please listen to the authorities, stay at home and physically distance yourself from other people.” When the test results from Heidi Klum and her family, she did not reveal.

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