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Coronavirus: How to clean and disinfect the house thoroughly, from the kitchen to the sofa | ICON Design

Anglo-Saxons call it spring cleaningbut it is only the cleaning thoroughly the House When spring approaches – washing of bedspreads, curtains, rugs, closets … – a custom perhaps somewhat disused and that these days, with the quarantine that the crisis of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the precautions that this entails, it is more important than ever to do with a certain order and rigor. If you do not have a person infected at home, cleaning the accumulated dirt during the winter and freeing the house of potential allergens are reasons to do a complete set-up.

The first thing is to draw up a plan with a list of essential tasks, many of them you will have dodged for months. “In a general cleaning, it is necessary to include areas and textiles that we normally do not usually review as often, such as the walls, carpets or sofa cushion covers,” Cleaning Services Madrid, which is part of the Habitissimo community.

It is also important to take a tour of each room to cover all your cleaning needs. “You can discover some spots that need specific treatment or a smell somewhere that needs to be neutralized. Once your list of jobs is complete, you can establish an action plan,” says the influencer of cleaning Lynsey Crombie on her blog Queen of Clean.

Experts recommend getting disposable material when it comes to a great set-up. “It is important to use new cloths and disposable gloves. We also recommend the use of disinfectant gel before and after cleaning the house,” they explain from Cleaning Services.

First of all, free up space

Before cleaning, it’s time to do a little Marie Kondo, ordering and even getting rid of what doesn’t work. “To clear, you must be ruthless. If an item has not been used in the last 12 months, chances are you no longer need it. You can choose to donate these items to a charity store, try to sell them, or throw them away if you don’t. they can be repaired, “recommends Crombie.

Total disinfection in bathrooms and kitchen

There are spaces that need a deep dive, since bacteria are concentrated in them. “The main sources of infection in the home are the kitchen and the bathroom, so cleaning in these rooms must be exhaustive.” According to professionals, bleach and ammonia are two essential basics in the home. “They are within the reach of everyone in any supermarket and fulfill the function of disinfectants. Bleach is recommended for all those areas such as toilets, taps, sinks, clothes, cloths or radiators,” they explain from the cleaning company.

One of the priorities in bathroom disinfection is cleaning the toilet. “It is not enough to put a little product, you have to delve into the area with the help of gloves, to be made of nitrile and disposable,” they explain.

how to clean the house thoroughly

Kitchen cabinets

It is also time to enter the kitchen cabinets (although the same technique works for bathrooms). Because it is very likely that, in addition to dust, the pantry will also have crumbs, spices, pasta, rice or any other item that can be stored on its shelves.

“Clear the kitchen table completely. You’ll need a lot of space to put everything you store. Then, start at one end of the kitchen and put all the upper cabinets first until you reach the other, leaving the lower cabinets and drawers for the Round Two. Vacuum the shelves and drawers, then spray all the interiors and doors (inside and out) with a surface cleaner and wipe them with a microfiber cloth, “shares professional organizer Melissa Maker, blog author. Clean my Space. The cleanfluencer recommends to clean stains that may appear in these places, sprinkle baking soda on the stain and rub them with a sponge.

Sofas and household linen

How many people, animals, and objects have been on the couch in the past year? Some of them will surely remain on your surface if they have not been thoroughly cleaned. “The sofa is undoubtedly one of the points of greatest infection. Those with a cover, better to remove it and disinfect it in the washing machine. If it is leather, the ideal would be to wash it with a cloth with a special product for upholstery”, they explain from Cleaning Services Madrid.

In addition, it is advisable to thoroughly clean all the household textiles that can be put in the washing machine, such as curtains, bedding, pillowcases or bath towels (pay attention to the maximum temperature indicated by the label, you will not want the curtains to shrink ). “We can wash them correctly by adding a little bleach in the laundry – white or colored, as appropriate – in compartment I, specific for these products,” continue the professionals.

Windows like new

It is useless to keep the interior crystals clean, if they have been accumulating particles for months. As indicated by the glass cleaning company Sil“You can use ammonia to clean windows, since it has a great degreasing and cleaning effect. We must lower it with water and always wear gloves when we use it, because it is very abrasive. It is very useful for cleaning kitchen windows and removing the fat easily. “

how to disinfect the house

If you want to avoid the chemical load of this element, they propose vinegar as an alternative, which also gives shine. “To use it we only have to dilute it in hot or warm water and put the mixture in a sprayer. To soften the smell, it is convenient to mix a few drops of lemon or green lime.” As for the frames, if they are made of PVC, they advise avoiding dry cloths or scouring pads that can scratch them. Just moisten a cloth with a little mild detergent.

Other elements

There are great forgotten people in daily cleaning, which in the current panorama, need special attention. We talk about all the elements of daily contact. “Doors, handles, cloths, telephone or remote control, it is essential to constantly disinfect them with ammonia”, share from Cleaning Services Madrid. In the event that the supermarket does not have disinfectant alcohol at that time, for these areas the company recommends alternatives: “There are products that also fulfill a disinfectant function, such as baby wipes, whose composition also contains alcohol.”

In houses where there is a person with coronavirus

Health recommends a series of measures for living with a person who is suspected of having or presenting mild symptoms of coronavirus. With regard specifically to cleaning, the following recommendations must be taken into account:

– Place a garbage can in the patient’s room with an automatic lid and a sealed bag to house waste.

– Use a mask and gloves to clean.

– Do it with a solution with one part of bleach for every 49 of water.

– Clean all daily frequent contact surfaces: doorknobs, tables, switches, taps, toilets, telephones and keyboards.

– Wash the dishes with hot soapy water, preferably in the dishwasher.

– Wash the patient’s clothes in a separate wash with the usual soap and at a temperature of between 60 and 90 degrees.


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