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Coronavirus: “I’m waiting for the directives of the line ministries”, admits Didier Budka, director of Afasec

The Training and Social Action Association of Racing Stables (Afasec) is responsible for providing training and support in their professional life for future employees in the sector (training rider, jockey, driver, trainer, boy Travel, etc.) Appointed Managing Director in 2002, Didier Budka spoke of the measures taken since the introduction of confinement as well as the gradual reopening of schools, scheduled for May 11.

How many students are affected?

Didier budka. 610 students and apprentices are concerned, from the 4th grade. Trotting, parity is respected while girls are the majority at a gallop with a ratio of 70%.

What does the declaration of the Head of State tell you about the gradual reopening of schools from May 11?

It is still too early to mention it. I await directives from the two line ministries, namely, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

In the meantime, how are the lessons going?

Faced with the Covid-19 epidemic, Afasec has implemented solutions to ensure continuity of service. The five campuses of the School of Horse Racing * are closed, but the educational activity has not stopped. The teams of trainers remain mobilized and provide distance courses from their home. This more personalized education is very much appreciated by families.

Have you introduced new products?

Quite like the “Google Education” network. Last month, it registered 6,600 connections. As for the class councils, they took place by videoconference.

What about major apprentices?

They are present in the racing stables. Holder of an apprenticeship contract, they are alongside other employees of the company while benefiting from educational continuity during their school period. On the other hand, the horses of the stables were put to rest, in the meadow.

During this period, how is your recruitment going?

Recruitment remains the priority of the School of Horse Racing. During this period, young people are omnipresent on social networks. Thus, the school continues to publicize horse-related professions and training through numerous videos, quizzes and portraits. Last month, young people and families were able to discover the school as part of a digital morning. Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, they were able to chat live with a campus representative. A first that the school wishes to renew soon.

Are the discovery courses maintained?

Due to the measures taken by the State concerning the epidemic, these courses are canceled. Applicants can nevertheless register online (afasec.fr) to join the school at the start of the school year. To conclude, it is important to remember that the Afasec training courses provide full employment upon leaving, with many and varied outlets, in the horse racing sector.

* The five campuses of the school are located in Cabriès (Bouches-du-Rhône), Gouvieux (Oise), Graignes (Manche), Boissy-Saint-Léger (Val-de-Marne) and Mont-de-Marsan (Landes).

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