Coronavirus in Argentina: 315 deaths and 9909 new infections are reported


With 315 deaths reported in the last 24 hours from the new coronavirus, Argentina adds a cumulative 11,667 deaths since the first deaths were recorded last March. In addition, 9,909 new positive cases were reported, so the number of infected amounts to 565,446.

The positive fact of the evolution of the pandemic in the country is that so far 428,953 people overcame the disease and they were discharged, according to the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

In the morning, 60 new deaths were reported. Of the 32 male victims, seven resided in the province of Buenos Aires; five, in the Capital; 13, in La Rioja; three, in Jujuy; one, in Neuquén; two, in Mendoza, and one, in Santa Fe. Among the 28 deceased women, four lived in Buenos Aires territory; nine, in the city of Buenos Aires; one, in Jujuy; one, in Neuquén; 11, in La Rioja; one, in Chaco, and one, in Santa Cruz.


Tonight another 255 deaths were reported. Of 166 deceased men, 96 lived in the province of Buenos Aires; 25, in the Capital; four, in Chubut; four, in Córdoba; five, in Jujuy; four, in Río Negro; four, in Salta; 11, in Santa Cruz; ten, in Santa Fe; two, in Santiago del Estero, and one, in Tierra del Fuego.

Among the 89 female victims, 52 were from Buenos Aires; 14, Buenos Aires; two, chaqueñas; two, from Chubut; three, Cordoba; one, Jujuy; one, Mendoza; four, from Rio Negro; one, salteña; three, santacruceñas; five, Santa Fe, and one, Fuegian.


There were 22 jurisdictions that registered new infections the day before: Buenos Aires (4863), the Capital (946), Catamarca, Chaco, Chubut, Córdoba (535), Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Formosa, Jujuy, La Pampa, La Rioja, Mendoza (650), Neuquén, Río Negro, Salta, San Luis, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe (850), Santiago del Estero, Tierra del Fuego and Tucumán (621).

Regarding the evolution of intensive therapy beds, 2,992 people with Covid-19 remain hospitalized in critical care devices throughout the country. According to the part of the Ministry of Health of the Nation, there is a 59.6% occupation at the national level, which in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA) climbs to 68.4%.

Since the beginning of the outbreak in the country, 1,581,196 diagnostic tests were performed for Covid-19, which is equivalent to 34,845.9 samples per million inhabitants.

La Plata, the second city of AMBA with the lowest rate of infections

Mayor Julio Garro highlighted on Monday that La Plata became “the second city” in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (Amba) with “the lowest contagion rate” of coronavirus. The communal head of La Plata shared a graph on his Twitter social network account where it is observed that La Plata is before last compared to the other districts of Amba, in relation to the spread of the pandemic.

“Most of the people of La Plata are being very responsible and that is reflected by the numbers,” I value the mayor Garro. In that line, he maintained that “as we have been holding it for months, individual responsibility is essential to be able to live with this virus until the vaccine arrives. “

0800 – Covid

Twelve provinces implemented telephone consultation systems on coronavirus that receive between 200 daily calls in Neuquén up to 3,500 per day in Mendoza to answer questions about contagions, symptoms or steps to take against the disease.

In the province of Buenos Aires, some 160 doctors, advanced degree students and volunteers who make up the Covid-19 Telemedicine Center (CeTec-19) of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health are in charge of the search for suspected cases of coronavirus, and Since its opening, at the end of April, they have already made 30,154 calls that led to the hospitalization or isolation of the positives.

In addition, some 100 professionals, medical and nursing students from the National University of the South, in Bahía Blanca, along with computer experts work in the 147 telephone service where patients with Covid and close contacts are followed.

“We have about 70 calls a day and it works from Monday to Friday from 9 to 15,” said Horacio Romano, coordinator of telephone triage.

In the north of the country, the municipality of the city of Formosa created the program “We are with you, I listen to you”, in which from 10 to 22 and every day, psychologists, therapeutic companions and social workers assist neighbors “for the containment and permanent accompaniment in terms of comprehensive community health, “communal sources informed Télam today.

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