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Coronavirus in Argentina: how to achieve a healthy diet for boys during quarantine

by drbyos

With the quarantine compulsory extended by the advance of the coronavirusIn Argentina, many families face the challenge of having children at home one hundred percent of the time and, due to that, achieving a routine without schools. Food, in front of this, appears as a problem. What to eat What to allow? Not? How to ensure that the diet of minors is balanced even with the cupboard and refrigerator available and the temptation of snacks and fast food as an alternative that solves?

Amira Chaia is 23 years old and lives with her daughter, Martina, 6 years old, who was eager to start first grade but the pandemic slowed that illusion a little. They live in a studio apartment and she wants to carry out the routine in the best possible way: “With Martina we are fulfilling the four meals of the day and I am trying to vary her between them,” the mother told Clarion.

MMany parents are living a home office life and in some cases it causes that the schedules are changed because now they do not have the need to be on the run. Not necessarily that is something in favor: “With the schedules we come in handy, she gets up at approximately 10 in the morning every day, but if at night we take a little time with the school work because I work from the computer and she They send their homework out there, so we have dinner later than normal, ”said the young woman.

At this stage too the boys go to sleep later than usual because the next day there is no need to go to school nor do an activity outside your home. In this case, Amira confirmed that she is allowing her to stay awake until after midnight: “At school time at 21 we are eating and at 22:30, at most I was already sleeping,” he added.

“We are serving four meals a day,” said Amira.

With the food, the mother was lucky: “She eats a lot of vegetables and fruits. Sometimes she herself asks me to eat an apple instead of chips or sweet things,” she said happily. “I also want him to eat a lot of meat,” he added.

Martina as a sport performs artistic gymnastics twice a week: “Now there are times of the day when madness catches her and she wants to dance, jump and do pirouettes on top of the bed. The rope also jumps,” said Amira. Also from school they send him homework for physical education where he makes them put together a circuit for the children to play and play with their parents.

Martina is six years old and likes to exercise at home.

Martina is six years old and likes to exercise at home.

Another mother, Isadora, 32, has a double task. Fiorella is eight years old and started third grade. Valentino is six and had also started the first week of primary.

The children go to school in the morning. In the afternoon, twice a week the girl went to play hockey and the boy played soccer. Everything was cut off. “Now Valentino plays ball in the apartment and the girl sometimes we do artistic gymnastics as much as possible. We also play Just Dance a lot that makes them tire a lot,” said Isadora who lives in three environments and has more space for activities.

The mother said that the children go to sleep later and that they also get up later: “There are times that we make breakfast – lunch, basically. We also add more desserts such as cakes and homemade cookies that help me prepare them and they love it” . Isadora clarifies that every day she incorporates fruits and vegetables in the daily diet of her children and that they incorporate a lot of yogurt with cereals, but children are allowed at this stage.

Isadora with her two children, Fiorella and Valentino.

Isadora with her two children, Fiorella and Valentino.

“I don’t buy junk food, if there are times when we make french fries or hot dogs, sweetness is what we add the most to food, but they also know that everything has a limit,” Isadora concluded.

I meanRecommendation from a specialist

Andrea Purita is a nutritionist (registration number 1420) and for her the most important thing at the moment is to see the positive side, take advantage of the moments and that the boys eat breakfast as before, perhaps they could not do it because of their routine.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The boys if they go to school without breakfast, they lower their concentration, they lower their school performance. Now is the time to incorporate it again, “says the nutritionist. “It is very difficult from day to day, but I think now is the time to claim that,” he added.

How do they do it? “A good breakfast for the boys would be a good bowl of cereal, in any of its varieties, with milk. You can add some fruit, if they do not want milk it can also be some yogurt and gelatin is also a good source of nutrients for them, “said Andrea.

Healthy eating and exercise should be part of the #QuedateEnCasa routine.

Healthy eating and exercise should be part of the #QuedateEnCasa routine.

For the doctor, it is also necessary to incorporate the habit of drinking water: “You have to teach them to hydrate well, to drink water and not so much the little juice of the envelope, which does not hydrate.” She also said that you can negotiate with the boys that she likes the soda, three of water for one of soda. “It is a moment of teaching this, to create a new habit in children,” he assured.

Purita also recommends that boys do not have many changes in their schedules: “We must respect our biological clock, because if not then we will be very out of date with everything.”

The specialist recommends respecting the four daily meals because “if not the anxiety and the confinement in the children reverberate and they begin to peck at whatever.”

Physical activity is also very important for boys according to the doctor: “I recommend a physical activity of 20 minutes a day, which activates and does not form fat but muscle mass. The recommended is between lunch and snack.”

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