Coronavirus in Argentina: there are 26 other cases under study in the Metropolitan Area

While there are already eight people who were confirmed to be infected with coronavirus in Argentina, in the Metropolitan Area There are still 26 other cases under study.

These are different citizens who returned to the country and they had symptoms compatible with this disease, so that epidemiologists applied the corresponding monitoring protocol, as reported by the health authorities of the City and the Province of Buenos Aires.

According to what the Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires specified, in the last 24 hours there were 2217 calls to line 107, which is dedicated to answer questions on this subject, from which 20 neighbors could be detected who remain under observation for probable infection.

The portfolio he directs Fernán Quirós He explained that those who communicate with that toll-free telephone number will be subjected to a series of questions to verify if they traveled “to the risk areas during the last 14 days” or were in contact with a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus.

“If they have fever, sore throat, cough, mucus, shortness of breath or shortness of breath and they also traveled to a country where the virus circulates or had contact with some sick person, call 107 for free to be treated by a group of specialists, ”said the head of the Government of the City, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

For its part, the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health reported that from January 26 to date they were notified 30 cases with acute respiratory infection and suspected emerging virus, of which 16 were discarded, 7 were invalidated, 1 was confirmed and 6 await laboratory results.

Of all the possible infected that presents the Province, the only one that so far tested positive is a 67 year old woman, originally from San Martín, who recently He returned from Italy. He is currently isolated in the Thomson Hospital, in the aforementioned municipality of Buenos Aires.

On the other hand, the health authorities of that district added that they were also analyzed 9 patients who had some type of close contact with confirmed cases, of which two were discarded by laboratory, 6 are in home isolation and follow-up, and the remainder is hospitalized for fever and is under study.

The Ministry said that, following the guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and that were applied at the national level, mechanisms for referral and transfer of suspected cases detected upon entering the country have been defined.

In this regard, the Province recalled the main measures to prevent contagion, among which it is frequent to wash your hands with soap and water, especially before eating or cooking and when returning from crowded spaces; cover your nose and mouth with the inside fold of your elbow, or use a tissue when you cough or sneeze and discard it; do not share objects such as mate, bottles, glasses or plates; disinfect surfaces and objects that are touched frequently; ventilate the environments and avoid close contact with people with respiratory infection.

In the Federal Capital, meanwhile, six of the eight people infected with this virus are hospitalized They are in Argentina: they remain in the Otamendi, Agote, British, Santa Isabel, German Hospital and Swiss Medical Center hospitals. Medical sources reported that, so far, the Malbrán Institute analyzed 63 possible cases of the disease.

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