Coronavirus in Asturias: Great gesture of Seville with the historic Marcelo Campanal: Captain Jess Navas calls him to worry about his condition

The historic Marcelo Campanal has received one of the most pleasant surprises today since the coronavirus pandemic began. Sevilla, a club where he spent almost his entire footballer career and of which he is a true legend, wanted to encourage him.And he did it in a very emotional way, with a call from his captain,Jesus Navas,in which he worries about his state of health and how he is going through these days of confinement.

“I’m locked up at home here alone, you know?”Campanal answers Navas after the first questions from the Andalusian winger. Campanal, who in addition to being a historic former soccer player, is an athlete who accumulates medals in the senior category, explains during the video to Navas that,At 88 years old and confined at home,He has not stopped training: “I am watching a lot of television and exercising, weights, cycling …”. Also, shocked by the initiative of the Andalusian club, he admits that “it is a joy to hear you” and encourages him for this season: “Let’s see if we get any title.”

Campanal also acknowledges Jesús Navas that they intend to go, as soon as possible, to the Fair: “I hope I can go”. To which Navas responds: “When possible”:


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