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Coronavirus in Bavaria: 15 new cases – students have to stay at home

The corona virus continues to spread. There are also new cases in Bavaria – among others in Augsburg and Lindau. 59 students therefore have to stay at home for the time being.

  • The coronavirus* continues to spread.
  • More and more people are also infected with it in Bavaria.
  • 59 students must stay at home as a precaution.

Update from 3:32 p.m .: On Wednesday, the city of Nuremberg confirmed two more positive test results for the corona virus, such as nordbayern.de reported. The infected are returning travelers. A man came back from South Tyrol, a woman from the Italian region of Piedmont. Together with her husband and two children, she is under quarantine at home.

Coronavirus: vaccine may not be available until next year

Update from 3:16 p.m .: A vaccine against that coronavirus according to experts, could be available at this time next year. “It is definitely possible to develop a vaccine, but it has to go through the various stages of clinical development,” said the virologist at the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL), Nikolaus Ackermann, on Wednesday in Oberschleissheim.

Different from the influenza must the vaccine be completely redeveloped. All steps from animal testing to use in individuals and larger patient groups are necessary. This means that the development process takes about a year to obtain approval. The corona virus has been known since the 1960s, there are at least two harmless species. The Sars epidemic in 2003 and 2004 – also caused by such a virus – was limited and short-term.

University institutions are currently researching the development of a vaccine together with the pharmaceutical industry, said the head of the human-virology laboratory at LGL. The LGL itself is not working on a vaccine.

As has now become known, a doctor’s office in Passau district closed. “Due to a proven coronavirus illness of a patient on instructions of the health department – for security reasons – closed” can be read on a sign on the door.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: Hundreds of people in quarantine

Update from 2:19 p.m .: Hundreds of people are currently in contact with Bavaria in Corona patients in home quarantine. An exact number cannot be given at the moment, said the president of the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL), Andreas Zapf, on Wednesday in Oberschleissheim. Because the cases “tumble” – there have been 37 new cases since last Thursday. It remained open how many of the infected people are at home rather than inpatient.

Currently in Bavaria Around 2500 people are tested for the corona virus every day. The test capacity is expected to be further expanded, said Zapf. 160 tests alone are possible at the LGL. There you work “at the stop”.

The exact follow-up of the infection routes and the contact persons of corona patients had successfully slowed down the spread in Bavaria. In the case of the auto supplier Webasto in Stockdorf, among other things, quarantine measures succeeded in completely breaking off the company’s infection chain, Zapf said. The first corona case in Germany had been identified there. A Chinese colleague infected the man on a working visit in January. Altogether there were 14 corona patients in connection with Webasto, but they are all healthy again.

Corona virus in Bavaria: new cases in the Free State

Update from 12.52 p.m .: There are four other confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 in Bavaria. These include two new ones from the district Munich as well as one case from the city Nuremberg and the district Freising, as announced by the Ministry of Health on Wednesday, citing the State Office for Health and Food Safety in Munich on Wednesday. The Ministry had already announced eleven new corona cases on Wednesday morning.

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn has meanwhile issued a government statement on coronavirus development in relation to the whole of Germany. And he had no good news.

Update from 11:51 a.m .: Because of the spread of the corona virus, the city’s Rosenheim health office advised that the strong beer festival be canceled. There is a recommendation for the city, but the decision is reserved for the municipal regulatory office, said a spokesman for the district office in Rosenheim. The strong beer festival should start on Friday.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: Eleven new cases confirmed

First report from March 4th, 11.33 a.m.

The coronavirus continues to spread. In Bavaria there are eleven new confirmed cases.

Corona virus in Bavaria: Eleven new cases in the Free State

For the first time ever there was a case in the counties Lindau and augsburg demonstrated how the Ministry of Health on Wednesday citing the State Office for Health and Food Safety in Munich announced on Wednesday. There are also six new cases from the Freising district*, two new ones from the Munich district* and a new one from the district Ostallgäu.

The infected person from Lindau is a family man, whose contact persons were put under domestic quarantine as a precaution. Among other things, 59 pupils from two Lindau schools are affected.

Corona virus in Bavaria: new suspected case in Passau

So far are in Bavaria a total of 47 patients tested positive. The disease is already cured in 14 people. In Passau there is currently a new suspected case. A ZF employee may have been infected with the virus, like press spokesman Gernot Hein der PNP confirmed on request.

The employee is employed in the customer service department. His wife was in contact with the coronavirus patient from Vilshofen. As both on Tuesday Cold symptoms had shown, the employee informed the ZF. An emergency team had decided on Tuesday evening (March 3) to close the customer service department as a precaution until the man’s test result is available.

“The safety of our employees is the most important thing for us. That is why we decided on the maximum solution, ”Hein told the PNP the closure. Therefore, 250 employees initially stay at home.

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