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«Coronavirus in children is very mild, like a cold»

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The coronavirus affects the children so “very mild, like a catarrhal picture», So, from the Spanish Association of Pediatrics they send a message of tranquility:«There is no mortality or children in the ICU», According to the cases published so far.

This was explained to Efe by pediatrician Cristina Calvo, a doctor at La Paz Hospital, on behalf of that association, after knowing the first three cases of minors in Spain: two in Castilla-La Mancha, and a 4-year-old girl from Madrid, whose father, who has also tested positive, had recently traveled to northern Italy.

These are children infected “in the family environment by adults”, explains the specialist, who details that they have “mild, low fever and low cough” symptoms, according to the cases published to date. “They are mild catarrhal paintings and generally the thing does not happen from there ”, says the doctor, who points out that, of the known cases in Europe, the media revolves around 6 minors per 1,000 infected.

Along the same lines, the director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies of the Ministry of Health, Fernando Simon, explained Wednesday that «children are less affected». However, he stressed that “it has to be treated very carefully because it is a sensitive group and can be a transmission core.” In addition, he considered that it is not necessary to close schoolswith registered positives ». It would not reduce the risk of transmission, but it could be increased outside the center, since these children are not going to stay at home, ”said Simon.


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