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Coronavirus in Delhi latest news: Delhi’s first coronavirus patient fully recovers | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: The capital’s first Covid-19 patient, a 45-year-old Mayur Vihar Phase II man, completely recovered from the viral infection. Ram Manohar Lohia was discharged from hospital on Saturday, a source said.
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The 45-year-old had returned from Italy on February 22. He interacted with several people and even organized a birthday party for his son at the Hyatt hotel before he was diagnosed with Covid-19 and isolated in a hospital on March 2.

Officials from the government’s public health department in Delhi, who were tasked with tracking down all possible positive case contacts, said they were able to track 105 people – 41 from Delhi and 64 from out of town – who are came into contact with man before being isolated.
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“A total of 19 samples were sent for risk stratification tests and none of the contacts required hospital isolation,” said one official.
He said the successful recovery of the Covid-19 patient from Delhi should give some hope to people who feel stressed about the outbreak of the new coronavirus. “People need to understand that the virus causes mild disease in 80% of patients. Only the elderly and those with underlying diseases like diabetes and heart disease are at high risk of developing serious complications,” said the official.

To date, Delhi has reported seven Covid-19 cases, including one reported Saturday. The patient is a resident of Rajasthan and an evacuated from Italy who has been quarantined in Manesar camp, the state government said.
A Covid-19 death was also reported by the city. A 68-year-old woman who had a history of diabetes and hypertension recently tested the novel coronavirus. She died on Friday.
In a statement released late at night, the union’s health ministry said: “The death of a 68-year-old woman from West Delhi (mother of a confirmed case of Covid-19) is confirmed due to co- morbidity (diabetes and hypertension). It also tested positive for Covid-19 “.
Earlier on March 10, a 76-year-old Kalburgi man in northern Karnataka had died with symptoms of Covid-19. Thursday’s test results confirmed that he was positive for the novel coronavirus, making the man septuagenarian with a travel history in the first Covid-19 fatality of the country of Saudi Arabia. Across India, 84 Covid-19 cases were reported on Saturday, including 17 foreign nationals. Of these, 10 have recovered and been discharged, officials said.

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