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Coronavirus in Italy: two dead, 29 infected and 50 thousand people in quarantine

A man died in the area of ​​Padua, Veneto region, due to the contagion of the coronavirus originated in China. Last night Adriano Trevisán, a 78-year-old man with health compromised by other diseases, died. In addition, a woman died in Lombardy.

Trevisan and a friend had been infected and it was announced that there is a third infected. The main focus of the epidemic is expanding in the province of Lodi, Lombardy, where the hospitalized victims are 29, forcing the authorities to isolate quarantined 50 thousand people from eleven municipalities.

In the last hours there was another case of contagion of the Chinese virus in the city of Cremona, which the authorities now consider a third focus of contagion.

In total, the Chinese virus sufferers are eighteen plus one dead in the Schiavonia hospital in the province of Padua.

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“The first most effective measure to apply in bulk is isolate the area and control people who have maintained contact with the infected, ”said the Minister of Public Health.

In the hospital of Codogno is in intensive care and critical condition Matteo, 38, whose last name has not been disseminated. It is considered the “Patient 1”, employee of the multinational Unilever. He went to the hospital twice because he suffered from fever until his worsening decided to make the pharyngeal swab, which detects the presence of viruses and bacteria in the mucosa.

Matteo’s wife, too infected in the eighth month of pregnancy, recalled that her husband had dinner among others with a business leader who lives more in China than in Italy, on February 1.

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This would be the “Zero patient”, the one who started the contagion. He has been admitted to a hospital in Milan but the “tampons”, the pharyngeal swab, were negative. Scientific studies try to determine if the Italian business leader did not get sick and cured of an influenza with the coronavirus and transmitted the antibodies to Mattia and others.

In a large area of ​​the province of Lodi the inhabitants of three municipalities were first isolated, but now the controls have been expanded to ten municipalities, for what they have been put in quarantine 50 thousand inhabitants, an unprecedented measure in Italy.

All the activities that involve Mass meetings have been banned in the province of Lodi. In the ten small isolated cities virtually all shops have been closed. People are forced to stay in their homes, except permission to go to buy food.

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The Italian public is informed by radio and television that in case of feeling feverish, something natural because in the winter flu viruses expand, do not go to the hospital but call the numbers 1500 and 112. Hundreds of teams have been formed that in ambulance and clothes already dressed in isolation and chinstraps, patients are visited at home and tested for hyssop, which consists of rubbing the pharynx with cotton to detect the presence of viruses and bacteria in the body.

Through the Italian media they spread continuously sanitary tips. The first: wash your hands frequently to avoid the transmission of the coronavirus.

Yesterday, the alarm grew when a 54-year-old woman was taken from the Roman suburb of Ostia to the Spallanzani hospital, the largest center of health excellence in Italy against infectious diseases, because she registered a very high fever and showed signs of a flu.

A special ambulance went to look for the woman in Ostia and later this morning at the hospital they announced that they were not detected in her body corona virus.

Fears still continue to grow and from television, calls are made through scientists and doctors to remain calm, noting that the current virus crown has a very low level of fatal cases.

The big cities, especially Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin and Palermo are the ones that live the situation with more alarm because a rapid epidemic of contagion would cause huge health problems. Until now there were no cases of collective panic.

Rome, correspondent.

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