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“We are going to wait for these days of testing and assigning codes. At the moment in which we are going to give the starting gun, we will communicate it so that everyone can download the application. We will communicate it, without a doubt”, has exposed

“We are going to start assigning them and we are going to see for a few days how it works and how it interferes or completes all the work that is being carried out by the people who are entrusted with the tracking and follow-up of contacts,” said the councilor.

From there, a screening was carried out throughout the plant, both among patients and workers, which culminated in a total of 12 infected patients, who have been transferred to the ‘plant
Covid‘from the complex, and four other workers.

Also, in the province of
Huesca An Infant class from CEIP Alcoraz in the capital of Huesca has closed, and another from Primary School from CEIP San Miguel in Tamarite de Litera.

These positives rise to 10,864 accumulated people who have had the disease in the archipelago since the beginning of the pandemic, while 4,012 have received medical discharge.

Specifically, it is about a person over 60 years old with previous pathology in Lanzarote, three in Gran Canaria among people over 70 years old and one in Tenerife, a 23 year old person with previous serious pathologies.

However, the
Valencian Community adds 1,214 discharges to patients with
Coronavirus since the last update, so the total number of people cured since the start of the pandemic stands at 32,966

There are currently 9,044 patients admitted for
Coronavirus in all
Spain and 1,157 in an ICU, although in the last 24 hours there have been 908 admissions and 346 discharges. The occupancy rate of beds occupied by
Coronavirus it is already 8.5 percent.

“We are evaluating the possibility of validating different diagnostic tests by
PCR. Any decision will be taken with the maximum scientific rigor “he answers

Among the measures to stop the expansion of the
CoronavirusThey also establish that religious acts such as weddings, religious services, celebrations and funeral ceremonies be limited to 33% of the capacity.

Procicat has approved this Monday a series of special measures for the cities of
Girona and Salt (Girona) to reduce the increase in infections, which include limiting the restaurant capacity to 50% and asking citizens to reduce social activity as much as possible.

All the reported cases are asymptomatic, except for one that presents mild symptoms; and coordinated action between coordinators
Covid of the centers, the Educational Medical Inspection service and the ministries, has allowed the rapid implementation of the corresponding protocols.

The Government of La Rioja, through the departments of Health and Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, has activated the corresponding Security protocols after the notification of 12 new positive cases of
Coronavirus students (11) and teachers (1) between yesterday afternoon and Sunday morning, in nine educational centers in
The Rioja. Specifically, the reported cases have occurred in centers in Logroño (5), Calahorra (3) and Herce (1).

Ministry of Health of the Government of Asturias has confirmed 70 new positives for
coronavirus diagnosed this Sunday, among which are close contacts of already known cases.

Spain 12,000 new positives were added last Friday, the last day with official figures at the national level.

Good morning and welcome to the minute by minute of everything that happens this Monday about the
pandemic originated by
Covid-19, both nationally and internationally.

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