Coronavirus in Spain, latest news | The CSIC investigates a vaccine with a virus that eradicated smallpox

Spain, fourth country in cases of infections bycoronavirus(56,188) but second in the total deaths (more than 4,000) is waiting for the arrival of the medical equipment that the Spanish Government has bought for 430 million euros from China. Meanwhile, today it is known thatCovid-19 quick teststhat the Spanish Ministry of Health bought do not work.

Coronavirus: the data in Spain

    Total figures: 56,188 cases of coronavirus diagnosed, 4,089 dead

  • 17,166 inMadrid(2,090 dead)
  • 11,592 inCatalua(672 dead)
  • 3,946 inBasque Country(180 dead)
  • 3,406 inAndalusian(134 dead)
  • 3,488 inCastilla y Len(206 dead)
  • 3,383 inCastilla la Mancha(316 dead)
  • 3,200 in theValencian Community(167 dead)
  • 1,915 inGalicia(32 dead)
  • 1,411 inNavarre(49 dead)
  • 1,116 inAragn(48 dead)
  • 995 inThe Rioja(43 dead)
  • 969 inEstremadura(58 dead)
  • 841 inAsturias(27 dead)
  • 784 inCanary Islands(24 dead)
  • 671 inCantabria(17 dead)
  • 660 inBalearics(17 dead)
  • 596 inMurcia(8 dead)
  • 39 inMelilla(1 dead)
  • 10 inCeuta
  • 7,015 people have been cured
  • Source: Ministry of Health

15:38 Von der Leyen, on the future of the EU: “We will definitely divide the coronavirus between rich and poor?”

The President of the European Commission criticizes that “when Europe really needed mutual support, there were too many countries that only looked out of their own interest at first.” Read the complete information here.

15:30 Murcia also postpones taxes and eliminates fees for the coronavirus

The Minister of Business and Industry of the Region of Murcia, Ana Martnez Vidal, has announced through a statement released on the official Twitter account of the Regional Government that the Government Council has approved the elimination of rates and the postponement of regional taxes for face the health crisis “for thecoronavirus.

15:24 Coronavirus: the Police assures that crimes of gender violence have been cut in half during the state of alarm

The deputy operational director, José Ángel Gonzlez, has assured him this morning in Moncloa. He has said that they have decreased by a percentage similar to the rest of criminal activity. Read here the complete information ofFernando Lzaro.

However, in Catalunya the Mossos warn that incidents related to family conflicts and gender violence have risen “slightly” since last weekend. That is why they develop a contingency plan to guarantee the safety of the victims of this type of violence within the exceptional measures for confinement, reportsGermn Gonzlez.

15:18 Coronavirus: at least ten elderly people die in recent days in a residence in Cjar (Granada)

The City Council carried out disinfection work in the surroundings of this residence, the largest of the two that the municipality has, the mayor said. Read the complete information here.

15.03 The Spanish GDP will contract 2.1% due to the coronavirus crisis

The credit rating agencyS&P Global has once again worsened its economic prospects for SpainThus, it now expects the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) to contract 2.1% in 2020, according to a report published on Thursday.

In this way, the firm has decided to downgrade the GDP outlook for the third time in March. Earlier this month, before the containment measures and the state of alarm decree, the firm subtracted four tenths from its December forecast, up to 1.3% growth, reports Europa Press.

Last Friday, when S&P issued its rating for Spain’s sovereign rating, it already expected a contraction of 1.8% this year and now, just six days later, that reading has worsened by three tenths.

14.59 Unions call for no layoffs during Covid-19 epidemic

UGT and CCOO assure that the reality of the impact of the coronavirus on companies goes beyond the most pessimistic forecasts. They number 750,000 in layoffs and ask the government to consider setting a moratorium on layoffs, reportsCsar Urrutia.Unions ask government to consider banning layoffs due to coronavirus crisis

14.43 CSIC is investigating a vaccine with a virus that eradicated smallpox for Covid-19

A group of researchers from the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) with experience in the development of vaccines against HIV, Bola, Zika or Chikungunya are now focusing their efforts on a vaccine for the new SARS-CoV2 coronavirus, responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, reports Europa Press.

The strategy of the team of the National Center for Biotechnology (CNB-CSIC) led by the scientist Mariano Esteban consists of:generate viral vectors based on a modification of the Vaccinia virusor vaccine virus, used in the eradication of smallpox.

14.26 Coronavirus test requirements that have not been met

The Prime Minister, Pedro Snchez, defended that the purchase of evidence by the Ministry of Health meets all the requirements, but it has been shown that they do not work properly and will be returned, he says.Juanma Lamet.Snchez presumed on Saturday that the pirated tests were “reliable and approved” and had “all sanitary guarantees”

14.17 Historical record of unemployment in the USA by the Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic is skyrocketing weekly claims for unemployment benefits in the United States, with3 million more people who requested it last week, a historical record, said the Department of Labor.

These figures end the longest period of job creation in the US after 10 years and a month of uninterrupted expansion of the labor market in which 22 million jobs have been created, he explains.Pablo Pardo.The requests for unemployment benefits in the US are multiplied by 12 in a week due to the coronavirus

14.15 Bernabu converted into a warehouse in the fight against the coronavirus

Real Madrid goes one step further in its direct and rapid aid action against the pandemic. After donating a significant financial amount to the Community of Madrid, it now opens its stadium for the supply and distribution of strategic medical devices aimed at fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. This campaign Bernabu will become an adapted space to store donations destined to fight against the coravirus.Real Madrid turns the Santiago Bernabu into a campaign warehouse for medical supplies

14.10 The King says that Ifema is “an authentic symbol” in the fight against the coronavirus

The visit of King Felipe VI to the fairground of Ifema, converted into a hospital for patients with coronavirus, has been carried out discreetly, without announcing it, as a prevention against the circumstances of this crisis. It extols Ifema asexample of what we Spaniards can do together.Ral Pia reports.King Felipe VI visits the Ifema hospital with mask and gloves: “This is a place of hope”

13.39 Montero does not believe the 8-M should have been called off

“We did what the health authorities said”on the call of the 8-M and encourage their attendance, said Irene Montero “, Minister of Equality, in an interview inThe sixth, coinciding with the end of his quarantine for having become sick with coronavirus,

“The right and extreme right use the Covid-19 crisis to attack feminism and women with saa,” she said, recalling that the policies of Citizens and the Popular Party attended the great march called on Women’s Day. “There were another series of massive events at that time, such as the Vistaxre Vox act as well as other types of sporting events.”“We did at all times what the experts and the health authority said”.

13. 44 Health returns 9,000 rapid tests to China for lack of quality

The director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simn, has confirmed the return of a batch of 9,000 rapid tests for coronaviruses supplied by a Chinese company to Spain for not complying with the CE quality mark.

At a press conference after the Coronavirus Technical Management Committee, the expert from the Ministry of Health detailed that these tests underwent validation by the National Center for Epidemiology (CNE) and in some hospitals in Madrid to verify their efficacy.

In these tests, it was detected that “the specifications of this batch shipped do not correspond to what is found in the quality certificates with CE marking”. This has led to the return of the 9,000 tests, but the responsible company “is going to change them” and is going to provide Spain with other types of rapid tests, according to Simn.

13. 27 Nadal and Gasol in search of 11 million to alleviate the coonavirus

The stars of Spanish sportsRafael NadalYPau GasolThey have joined forces in the solidarity initiative ‘Red Cross Responds’, with which they intend to raise a total of 11 million euros among Spanish athletes as a way to return the support of society and help alleviate the consequences of the coronavirus, reports Europa Press .“Let’s hope that all Spanish sports come together”

13.17 Madrid puts 150 new places for homeless people during the coronavirus crisis

The municipal corporation of the capital will also enable 150 new places for homeless people during the coronavirus crisis, but it will do so in a different venue than IFEMA because “the pavilion that was planned is being used for logistical issues of the hospital,” indicate sources from the Family and Social Welfare area. The department is looking for a space for it to announce “next week”, reportsPablo R. Roces.

13.09 ‘Minutes in company’ for people in solitude due to coronavirus

The Madrid City Council has set up a telephone line for the elderly in solitude with the campaignMinutes in company. The phone number is919490111so that this “especially vulnerable” group can dialogue “as long as it takes” with a person and so these older people can “feel comforted”, explained the Deputy Mayor, Begoa Villacs, reportsPablo R. Roces.

13.06 The Madrid funeral parlor triples its work due to the coronavirus

The Madrid municipal funeral home is tripling its daily activity with the coronavirus crisis. This was explained by the spokesperson for the municipal government, Inmaculada Sanz, at a press conference when she stated that at the moment some150 cremations per daycompared to the 50-60 that were done before the epidemic, reportsPablo R. Roces.

13.05 Barcelona postpones taxes to July due to coronavirus

Barcelona City Council extends municipal tax payments until July due to the emergency situation. They will facilitate the fractional payment of taxes in the face of the economic difficulties of the citizen due to the coronavirus crisis, provided they are paid this year, reportsGermn Gonzlez.

13.00 China is explained after the purchase of Health of useless material

The Chinese Embassy in Esapa has exposed, through its Twitter account, the information about the tests purchased by the Ministry of Health that do not work, and explained that they were purchased from a company without a license. Here we expand the informationRapid Health tests do not work, and China reports they were purchased from a company without a license

12.51 Ayuso denounces dysfunctions with the Government in the coronavirus crisis

The Community of Madrid has asked the central government to clarify which are the hotel establishments that can remain open during the days that the state of alarm is prolonged by the situation and evolution of the coronavirus.

Likewise, it denounces that “the request sent to the Secretary of State for Tourism so that among the exceptions to Order 257/2020 regarding the closure of establishments” the needs of certain groups to the time to decree the total closure of hotels, such as tourists whose return flights to their passes have been canceled or carriers, among others. “

“In this way, the regional government shows its support for the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodations (CEHAT), which has warned of numerous malfunctions and errors in the list of hotels that are allowed to open, and which was published yesterday Wednesday in the Official State Gazette “, as explained by the team of Isabel Daz Ayuso through a press release collected byMarta Belver.

12.30 Near the “peak of the curve”, Illa warns of the coronavirus crisis

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has stated thatSpain could be approaching the “peak of the curve”of infections by COVID-19, which would mean starting a stabilization phase of the pandemic.

This was stated by Illa during her appearance in the Health Commission of the Congress of Deputies in which she explained that the data of the last days indicates a change in trend, withsmaller increases than those observed in previous periods, reports Efe.

“If this general trend is confirmed, this will indicate thatthe number of reported cases could be approaching its maximum. What we colloquially call the peak of the curve, “he said.Salvador Illa affirms that “the curve of the epidemic is reaching its peak”

12.20 Illa: “The maximum occupation in the ICUs will arrive in mid-April”

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, anticipates that in the middle of April the “maximum occupation in the Intensive Care Units (ICUs) of hospitals” will not be reached, as he has stated in his appearance in the Congress of Deputies to explain the coronavirus pandemic in Spain, reportsEsther Mucientes.

“It was not until March 11 when the WHO recognized the coronavirus as a pandemic,” Illa said in her chronological account of the crisis by Covid-19 and has assured that since January 7 the Ministry of Health informed the autonomous and on January 23 the first protocol of action for the first cases of Covid-19 was published on the website of the Ministry of Health. A document that is constantly updated, the minister has said.

In addition, a Coronavirus Follow-up Committee was launched with which we went ahead to the WHO Committee and when this body declared the health alert worldwide, on January 30, “Spain already had the steps to follow,” affirmed in the Congress of Deputies.

12.12 Over 70 years, most of those killed by coronavirus

87% of the 4,089 coronavirus deaths in Spain are over 70 years old, said Fernando Simn, director of Health Alerts at the Ministry of Health at his usual daily press conference on the coronavirus pandemic.

12.03 MotoGP Jerez Grand Prix postponed due to coronavirus

The International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) and the organizing company of the MotoGP World Championship, the Spanish Dorna, announced this Thursday theOfficial postponement of the Spanish Grand Prix that was to be held at the Jerez circuit on May 3or. The coronavirus crisis has forced to suspend the test that must start the championship.

The FIM and Dorna did not clarify when the race will take place or what calendar the World Cup will have, which it already suffers from being able to meet the minimum established of 13 tests in a year. Before Jerez, the Grand Prix of Qatar, Thailand, Austin and Argentina, which must be held between March and April, have already been postponed.

11.40 Coronavirus deaths exceed 4,000

Infections in Spain rise to 56,188 and there are already 4,089 deaths,655 deaths in a single day, according to the last count of the Ministry of Health.The contagions by coronavirus in Spain rise to 56,188 and there are already 4,089 deaths

11.26 Vice President Calvo is discharged due to coronavirus

Moncloa has communicated that the vice presidentCarmen Calvo has been discharged from hospital this morning.The medical team that is treating her for Covid-19 considers that the evolution of her health is positive and she does not need to maintain hospitalization.

By optional prescription, follow the necessary medical treatment at home,maintaining insulation, informsMarisa Cruz.

11.24 Medication can now be picked up from the hospital at the pharmacy

Starting this Friday, all Madrid patients who normally take their medication in hospitals will be able to do sodirectly at the pharmacy and, in case they have mobility problems, “go home”.

The announcement was made by the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Daz Ayuso, with a message on her Twitter account in which she thanked the Official College of Pharmacists of Madrid and its president, Luis Gonzlez, that the measure is possible, collectMarta Belver.

11.23 Responses for the dead in Madrid due to coronavirus

Those deceased by the coronavirus with religious beliefs will receive their last prayer from today if the relatives so wish in the makeshift morgue of the Ice Palace. The Archbishopric of Madrid and the City Council of the capital have reached an agreement for the religious entity to launch the prayer of responses in the space set up in the Hortaleza district to accumulate the bodies, reportsPablo R. RocesThe Archbishopric offers responses in the Ice Palace morgue for the victims of the coronavirus

11.21 Conte: “All together or if not, we will lose” says Conte in the fight against the coronavirus

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte intervenes at this time before the Senate in the face of the dramatic health crisis that plagues the country, with 74,386 infected by coronavirus and 7,503 dead.

“This is a battle thatin Europe you all beat togetherotherwise we will all be losers, “he warned. This position, he says, will be the one that he transmits today at the G20 videoconference and at the European Council,Il Corriere della Sera.

The fight against coronavirus in Italy “has no end,” he says.The “operational and organizational machine” is focused on the “demands of the North” but “we must also concentrate our efforts in the center and strengthen the response in the south,” warns Conte.

11.17 A Getafe process of coronavirus dies

Manuel Garca Barrio, 76 years old, has been the first priest of the Getafe Diocese to have died of coronavirus and to serve as pastor in the Church of the Divine Shepherd of Mstoles, the bishopric reported in a press release collected by Efe.

11.11 The Mossos watch over the elderly in the collection of their pensions

The Mossos will intensify patrols near the banks coinciding with the payment of pensions. They recommend that if older people go out to collect them, they do not go alone and take extreme precautions, both sanitary to avoid contagion and security for possible thefts, reportsGermn Gonzlez.The Mossos intensify the control in banks for the collection of pensions

11.09 In Catalonia, the elderly will be able to leave with their families due to the Covid-19 crisis

The Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Families of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Chakir el Homrani, has announced thatthe Govern is working on a regulatory change to allow family members to temporarily take older people from the residencesto prevent them from being infected with coronaviruses without losing their place.

This is how El Homrani explained it in an interview inCatalunya Rdioin which he has put two conditions: that the old man receives the approval of the doctor of the residence as he does not present symptoms of Covid-19 and that it is temporary, he collectsGerad Melgarz.

11.06 Coronavirus is fattened with the elderly in nursing homes

More than thirty older people have died in two residences in Madrid, one located on Reina Victoria Street and the other in the Sanchinarro neighborhood, as a result of the coronavirus, a spokesperson for the Orpea group explained to Efe.

In the Orpea Loreto center on Reina Victoria street, twelve people have lost their lives and all had symptoms compatible with the Covid-19. In addition, 31 residents are in isolation andaround twenty workers are quarantinedat their homes.

In theResidence and Day Center ORPEA Madrid Sanchinarroit has been produced“almost 20 dead”during this month of March due to coronavirus, although none of them were tested, but they did not present symptoms.

11.00 Coronavirus tests do not work

Rapid tests to detect coronavirus infection purchased by the Chinese Ministry of Health do not work well.They have a sensitivity of 30%, when they should exceed 80%. And what does that mean? “That the tests are not worth it, because they give many false negatives,” health officials from the Community of Madrid, who received the first batch of rapid tests, explain to this newspaper.

“Many patients testing positive for coronavirus in PCR[la prueba de referencia, que tarda ms tiempo]they give negatives in the test “.Rapid tests purchased by the Ministry of Health to detect the coronavirus do not work

10.55 Carrefour donates bedding to Ifema to help in the Covid-19 crisis

Carrefour has donated its brand bedding to the hospital installed in hall 140 of the Ifema fairgrounds in Madrid, which has been empowered to deal with the health alert caused by the expansion of the coronavirus, according to a statement collected by Europe Press.

The company makes this material available to the State and the Military Emergency Unit (UME) to cover the needs of people who have to be cared for in this field hospital in the capital.

In addition, a large number of Spanish Carrefour suppliers havealso adapted its production to manufacture, among other items, masksand thus respond to the increase in hospitalization and care needs that will occur in the coming days.

10.48 “We have an obligation to help ourselves” in this coronavirus pandemic

The president of the Andalusian Board, Juanma Moreno, has defended this Thursday thedonation of 22 respirators to the community of Madridto attend to patients infected with coronavirus because, in his opinion, “among Spaniards we have an obligation to help each other.”

“We are going to transfer the material not only to Madrid, but to any other territory that needs it,” he said in an interview on Es Radio, collected by Europa Press.

Moreno has guaranteed thatin Andalusia “the situation is under control”, although he regretted that 6% of infections are counted nationwide and 3% of those who died; although, he has called for caution because “this can change”.

10.44 Prisoners make clothes for hospitals with coronavirus

Catalan prison inmates will manufacture 32.00 uniforms to supply hospitals with the coronavirus emergency center. Is acommissioned by the Institut Catal de la Salut to provide healthcare professionals with robes, shirts, jackets and pantsretirees, recent graduates and students of last year who are incorporated into the health system. The production is done in the workshops of the Quatre Camins, Brians 1 and Ponent centers and the deliveries of material to hospitals will be weekly, reportsGermn Gonzlez.

10.39 A coronavirus infected escapes from the hospital

The Mossos d’Esquadra located a patient with a possible coronavirus positive who had escaped from a Tarragona hospital and returned him to the center. Agents urge to follow health recommendations for “social responsibility”, reportsGermn Gonzlez.

10.20 Madrid tests 17,000 but has at least 50,000 infected with coronavirus

The Community ofMadrid has at least 50,000 infected by coronavirus: to the 17,000 who have been tested and have tested positive, there are mild, undiagnosed patients who are with isolated symptoms in their homes and with telephone assistance from the Primary Care services, reportsMarta Belver.

The data has been provided by the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, in an interview on Antena 3 in which he pointed out that thethe actual data of those affected by this pandemic in the region could triple the official. In addition to the estimates made with both confirmed and suspect clinical data, an undetermined number of asymptomatic but carriers of the virus should be added.

On the other hand, in the Community of Madrid they indicate thatin the last 48 hours they have received 100,000 masksof centralized purchases by the central government, when only 32,000 are consumed in the Hospital de la Paz in one day. The Executive of Isabel Daz Ayuso continues trying to bring two planes with medical supplies from China that it is not known when they will arrive.The autonomous communities buy 52 million masks due to the lack of health control in the coronavirus crisis

10.17 Castilla-La Mancha, in solidarity with Madrid in the coronavirus crisis

Castilla-La Mancha has offered Madrid, the autonomous community most affected by the coronavirus epidemic,your hospital capacityand distributes 300 health cards a day to Madrid residents, reports Europa Press.

10.06 Draghi calls for the immediate mobilization of resources against Covid-19

Mario Draghi, former president of the European Central Bank (ECB), has claimed aComplete and immediate mobilization of the financial systems of European countries to face the impact of the epidemicof coronaviruses and prevent the deep recession to which Europe seems destineddoes not become a prolonged depressionthat causes irreversible damage in the Old Continent, for which it will be necessaryassume greater public debt and cancel private sector debts, reports Europa Press.Draghi bets on more public debt and canceling private sector debt to face the crisis

09.59 Plasma donation to cure coronavirus patients

The Transfusion Center of the Community of Madrid has begun to develop, together with Madrid hospitals, a project totry to cure coronavirus sufferers by donating plasma from people who have already been curedof the virus.

This project, which has been in progress for a few days, could cure or mitigate the severity of patients with coronavirus through the donation of plasma from patients already cured and who develop antibodies that could totally or partially neutralize the virus, have explained to Efe sources from the Transfusion Center of the Community of Madrid, reports Efe.

09.50 A visual tour of the world in the coronavirus pandemic

From Paris to Santa Monica, passing through Dhaka and Panama, meetings are prohibited, schools are closed, as well as bars and other “not indispensable” shops. These are 24 hours in a world with coronaviruses. 24 photographs of these scenes that are repeated from one country to another, with burials without people, deserted streets, employees working at home, online courses and improvised artistic performances.Life with coronavirus: 24 hours in the world

09.49 No restrictions on the ECB purchasing program for the coronavirus

The European Central Bank (ECB) pandemic emergency purchasing program (PEPP), announced last week by the issuing institute of the eurozone and with a scope of750,000 million euros), not be subject to the restrictions of its other asset acquisition programs, which limit the amount of each debt issue that the entity can buy in the markets, which in practice leaves itHands-free to the ECB to implement its purchases.

In a decision of the Governing Council of the ECB, published by the Official Journal of the European Union, the central bank declares that “to guarantee the effectiveness” of the PEPPlimitations will not applyon consolidated holdings applied to its previous debt purchase programs, reports Europa Press.The ECB raises the limits on purchases of its coronavirus emergency plan

09.35 We watch 402 minutes of television during the confinement by coronavirus

Television consumption continues to skyrocket, with a cumulative audience of 74.8% of the population and an average consumption per viewer of 402 minutes (6:42 hours), but it falls slightly compared to last week, when several records were broken.

Seven of the ten most watched programs were informative, with Antena 3 Noticias 1 in the lead and a screen share of 17.9%, Efe reports.

According to the Barlovento Comunicación audience report, with data from Kantar Media, if all potential viewers are taken as a basis – whether or not they watched television – and which includes citizens from 4 years of age, the average consumption is located at 309 minutes (5:09 hours), seven minutes less than the same day last week. Consumption per viewer (those who did watch television) was 402 minutes.

09.20 European flights drop 60% this week due to coronavirus

Flights in Europe are down 60% this week, equivalent to92,000 fewer services, compared to the same week last year 2019, has reported the aviation data firm OAG, collected by Reuters.

Flights in the Middle East are down 45% and there are 30% fewer services in the Asia Pacific region, according to an OAG presentation.

The global coronavirus outbreak hasshattered the demand for air travel, forcing several of the main airlines to leave their fleets ashore.

09.15 The Spanish Stock Exchange returns to pessimism due to the coronavirus

The Spanish Stock Market has opened with aeach of 2.28% and has lost 6,800 points, which slows down the positive trend of the last two sessions supported by the stimulus package approved by the United States to deal with the coronavirus, reports Efe.

09.14 Vergs asks Igualada to stay home due to coronavirus

“With Igualada’s figures, we cannot ask ourselves anything other than for people to stay at home. We ask for economic measures so that people can stay at home,” Ser, the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Alba Vergs.

09.11 Illa reminds Buch of his competencies in confinement due to coronavirus

The Ministry of Health recalls, in connection with the announcement by the Interior Minister of the Generalitat, Miquel Buch, that he will sign a resolution totighten the confinement of Igualada and the entire Conca d’dena(Barcelona), that an order of these characteristics can only be given by the competent authority, in this case the holder of the ministry as well as the delegated authority by virtue of the declaration of the State of alarm, informsVctor Mondelo.

The Government of Spain follows the WHO recommendations at all times and reiterates that it has adopted the most drastic measures in Europe and the strictest worldwide to defeat the coronavirus.

Governmentonce again calls for unity of action between administrationsand reiterates its constant will to coordinate and collaborate with the autonomous communities in their fight against the pandemic.[[The Government disavows the Generalitat and prevents it from tightening the confinement of Igualada]

09.04 Waiting for the G20 “action plan” against the coronavirus

Leaders of the Group of the Top 20 Economiesthey will talk by videoconferencetoday about fighting the coronavirus pandemic and itseconomic impacts, since global infections exceed 471,000 with more than 21,000 deaths.

Los ministros de finanzas y los banqueros centrales del G20 acordaron esta semanadesarrollar un “plan de accin” para responder al brote, que el Fondo Monetario Internacional espera que desencadene unarecesin mundial,pero han ofrecido pocos detalles, informa Reuters.

El director general de la Organizacin Mundial de la Salud,Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, se dirigir a los lderes para buscarapoyo para aumentar la financiacin y la produccin de equipos de proteccinpersonal para los trabajadores de la salud en medio de una escasez mundial.

En una sesin extraordinaria presidida por el rey Salman de Arabia Saud, a las 13.00 horas, participan tambin como pases invitados Espaa -representada por Pedro Snchez-, Jordania, Singapur y Suiza as como la OMS y Fondo Monetario Internacional, entre otros organismos internacionales.

8.59 Acaba el plazo de 24 horas dado por una jueza para proteger a los sanitarios en Madrid

Una magistrada de Madrid dio ayer 24 horas a la Consejera de Sanidad para queprovea a todos los centros sanitarios de la regin de medios de proteccincomo batas, mascarillas y gafas, as como contenedores de grandes residuos, para que puedan trabajar en “unas mnimas condiciones de seguridad”.

Paralelamente a esta demanda, elSupremo debe tambin resolver la peticin similar por parte de la Confederacin Estatal de Sindicatos Mdicos(CESM), que solicita al alto tribunal que requiera al Ministerio de Sanidad la distribucin de material de proteccin entre el personal sanitario, informa Efe.

8.50 El alta mdica que se convirti en muerte de coronavirus 36 horas despus

La mujer queeste lunes pasado sala de la UCI del Clnico entre aplausosy al grito de campeona! de los mdicos y enfermeros del Hospital vallisoletano ha fallecido.

Ayer la sacaban aplaudiendo y hoy est en el cementerio, lamentaba Teresa, la hermana de Carmen F. A., de 81 aos, en declaraciones a este peridico. Sala con esa alegra y hoy est muerta, declaraban a este peridico su hermana y su cuado.

Un fallecimiento que ayer trababa de ocultarse en el Clnico, por el golpe moral que supone.[[La primera paciente de COVID, que abandon la UCI del Clnico entre aplausos, muere 36 horas despus]

8.40 El Nikkei en rojo por miedo a una “explosin” de casos de coronavirus

Despus de dos sesiones de ganancias espectaculares, la Bolsa de Tokio cay este jueves, por eltemor al coronavirus en la capital japonesa, cuyos habitantes fueron instados aquedarse en casa este fin de semana.

El ndice Nikkei, que gan un 8% el mircoles y ms del 7% el martes, termin con una cada del 4,51%, mientras que el Topix ampliado perdi 1,78%, informa Efe.

Los inversores se desanimaron luego de que la gobernadora de Tokio, Yuriko Koike, instase el mircoles a los residentes a quedarse en casa este fin se semana, advirtiendo de unaposible “explosin” de casos de coronavirus luego de que se registrasen 41 nuevos contagios.

8.25 La “ultraderecha” sale en apoyo a Sncgez, y el independentismo se desentiende

Pedro Snchez leaned on the Catalan and Basque independence movement to carry out his investiture as Prime Minister, but now, in the midst of a humanitarian crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic, he has been left alone. Ni unos ni otros han votado favorablemente a la prrroga del estado de alarma y el Gobierno ha tenido que recurrir a los votos del Partido Popular, Vox y Ciudadanos -a esos que en tantas ocasiones descalifica como “ultraderecha”- para aprobar este mircoles esta medida en el Congreso.Catalan and Basque separatists ignore the state of alarm

08.00 Actualizacin de los datos de la Johns Hopkins del Covid-19

La Universidad Johns Hopkin de EEUU eleva hoy a 472.076 las personas contagiadas en el mundo por coronavirus, con 21.308 muertos en todos el mundo y con el dato esperanzador de 114.870 enfermos recuperados, segn su sitio web.

En cuanto a pases con mayor nmero de casos de Covid-19 est China (81.727), Italia (74.386), EEUU (69.194), Espaa (49.515) y Alemania (37.323). Estados Unidos ha pasado a tercer pas en cuanto a nmero de infectados, dando un importante salto en las ltimas horas.

Sin embargo, las muertes por coronavirus da otro rnking y no guarda relacin con los contagiados. Por ejemplo, Alemania como quinto pas en nmero de contagios se sita en el octavo puesto en nmero de fallecimientos. Espaa, cuarto en casos de contagios, es el segundo en total de muertos (3.647) e Italia, el segundo con ms contagios, lidera el listado de muertos con 7.503).EEUU supera los 1.000 muertos por el coronavirus

China, el pas ms contagiado del mundo, y con Wuhan, como ciudad epicentro de la pandemia, es el tercero en muertes (3.169) por detrs de Italia y Espaa.

07.48. Hablan los sanitarios catalanes: “Nos quedan cuatro das para el colapso por el coronavirus”

Mdicos, enfermeras y conductores de ambulancia catalanes denuncian imprevisin y escasez de material en la lucha contra elcoronavirus: “Muchos se ponen a llorar en las guardias porque creen que van a llevar el virus a casa”; “nos han dado gafas viejas y amarillentas y unos guantes que se rompen”.

a situacin en la sanidad catalana empieza a acercarse al colapso que se vive en Madrid segn se incrementan los casos decoronavirus. EL MUNDO ha recogido testimonios de los profesionales sanitarios de los principales hospitales de las provincias catalanas, que retratan los mismos problemas,la falta de previsin, la ausencia de material y el miedo.

07.34. Siguen aumentando los casos importados de coronavirus en Corea del Sur

Corea del Sur, pas que no ha limitado movimientos de sus ciudadanos y mantiene abiertas las fronteras, ha reportado otros 57 casos importados decoronavirus, seis ms que en la vspera, lo que est llevando a las autoridades a reforzar los controles.

De este manera, ms de la mitad de las 104 infecciones detectadas el mircoles por el pas asitico tuvieron su origen fuera del territorio surcoreano, inform el Centro para el Control y la Prevencin de Enfermedades Contagiosas de Corea (KCDC). Es el segundo da consecutivo en el que los casos importados superan a los domsticos.

07.34. Coronavirus: Galicia, Andaluca, Extremadura y Murcia prestarn respiradores a Madrid

Andaluca, Galicia, Extremadura y Murcia han ofrecido a la Comunidad de Madrid respiradores para la atencin de los numerosos pacientes contagiados porcoronavirusque existen en la regin y la presidenta de la Comunidad de Madrid, Isabel Daz Ayuso, ha agradecido su disposicin.

Andaluca ha apuntado que, desde hace tiempo, estn localizados 1.571 respiradores, ubicados en Antequera (Mlaga) para distribuirlos cuando haga falta a cualquier provincia. Por su parte, el presidente de la Regin de Murcia, Fernando Lpez-Miras, ha trasladado que estn en disposicin de trasladar nueve respiradores.

07.24. Un colaborador cercano del Papa da positivo por coronavirus

Un colaborador cercano del Papa, que vive tambin en la residencia Casa Santa Marta, ha sido trasladado a un hospital de Roma tras haber resultado positivo al test diagnstico decoronavirus, segn han informado algunos medios de comunicacin italianos. Segn han revelado medios comoIl MessaggeroorLeggose trata de un sacerdote italiano que trabaja en la Secretara de Estado. Esta informacin no ha sido confirmada de forma oficial por la oficina de prensa del Vaticano.

07.15. Rusia suspende todos sus vuelos internacionales por el coronavirus

El Kremlin ha anunciado que a partir de esta medianoche se suspenden todos los vuelos internacionales para hacer frente a la lucha contra elcoronavirus. El decreto se aplica a todos los vuelos que entran y salen del territorio ruso, con la excepcin de aviones especiales fletados para repatriar a ciudadanos rusos bloqueados en el extranjero. En Rusia, que anunci dos muertes este mircoles, el presidente Vladimir Putin, en su ltimo mandato bajo el marco legal actual, ha pospuesto sin fecha una votacin sobre las controvertidas reformas constitucionales. En un discurso televisado, el jefe de Estado anunci una serie de medidas de apoyo al poder adquisitivo y a las empresas frente a la crisis econmica provocada por la pandemia.

07.11. Coronavirus: Ms de una veintena de hoteles de Madrid abrirn para alojar a militares, sanitarios y transportistas

El Gobierno central ha dispuesto al apertura de 24 hoteles de la regin para atender las necesidades de alojamiento y restauracin que necesiten las plantillas de los servicios esenciales y el transporte de suministros durante el estado de alarma por elcoronavirus. Entre ellos figuran algunos establecimientos en localidades como Getafe, Alcal de Henares, Mstoles o Madrid capital, que acapara ms de la mitad de estos hoteles.

“Es necesario garantizar la movilidad de aquellos trabajadores que tienen que realizar determinadas labores y que puedan disponer de alojamiento y comida”, establece la orden del Ministerio de Transportes y que cita 370 establecimientos repartidos por todo el pas.

07.03. Cumbre del G20 sobre el coronavirus que “amenaza a toda la humanidad”

Los dirigentes de los pases ms industrializados del planeta se renen este jueves para tratar de aportar una respuesta coordinada a la pandemia decoronavirusque “amenaza a toda la humanidad”, segn la ONU, pese a las medidas de confinamiento que afectan a ms de 3.000 millones de personas. El G20 celebrar una cumbre por videoconferencia presidida por Arabia Saudita, que ocupa la presidencia rotativa de la organizacin. En Bruselas, el Parlamento Europeo mantendr una sesin especial sobre medidas de emergencia para afrontar la pandemia.

Para buscar soluciones, el G20, que representa a casi dos tercios de la poblacin mundial y las tres cuartas partes del PIB mundial, preparar“una respuesta global y coordinada a la pandemia de Covid-19 y sus repercusiones humanas y econmicas”, segn Arabia Saudita. El G20 est integrado, entre otros, por Estados Unidos, China, Japn, Alemania, Italia y Francia. A la cumbre se unirn otros pases afectados por elcoronaviruscomo Espaa, Jordania, Singapur o Suiza, as como los dirigentes de grandes organizaciones internacionales.

07.01. El Congreso autoriza ampliar “el indispensable” estado de alarma por el coronavirus

El Congreso de los Diputados ha autorizado, entrada la madrugada de este jueves, la prrroga del estado de alarma por elcoronavirusque ha defendido el presidente del Gobierno, Pedro Snchez, como una dura medida para la sociedad, pero “indispensable” frente alcoronavirus, por lo que ha pedido unidad y lealtad polticas.

El respaldo del Congreso ha sido abrumador a travs del excepcional recurso al voto telemtico, ya que al hemiciclo, para evitar contagios, slo han acudido poco ms de 40 diputados y algo menos de una decena de ministros, liderados por Snchez. No ha habido ni un voto de rechazo y slo se han abstenido las formaciones independentistas y soberanistas de ERC, JxCat, EH Bildu, la CUP y el BNG.

07.00. Ningn caso local de coronavirus en China

China ha vuelto a no registrar ningn nuevo caso de contagio porcoronavirusde origen local, pero las autoridades sanitarias informaron de otros 67 importados. Tambin hubo seis muertos ms, cinco de ellos en la ciudad de Wuhan, el foco de la epidemia en China.

El pas, donde comenz la pandemia mundial en diciembre, se centra actualmente en evitar que elCovid-19vuelva a su territorio desde el extranjero. Por eso cualquier persona que entre en China debe someterse a una cuarentena de 14 das, independientemente del pas desde el que llegue. Y en Pekn, el confinamiento debe llevarse a cabo en lugares especficos.

06.59. El Senado de EEUU aprueba el plan de ayuda billonario por coronavirus

El Senado estadounidense ha aprobado un plan “histrico” de dos billones de dlares para dar oxgeno a la primera economa del mundo, asfixiada por la pandemia delcoronavirus, que ya deja ms de 1.000 muertos en el pas.

Impulsado por el gobierno deDonald trumpy fruto de largas discusiones entre los senadores y la Casa Blanca, este texto “histrico”, segn los negociadores, se aprob con el apoyo de los 96 demcratas y republicanos presentes en la votacin. El plan necesita la aprobacin de la Cmara de Representantes, controlada por los demcratas, que votar el viernes, antes de que pueda ser promulgado por el presidente.

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