Coronavirus in Spain: you can exercise outdoors from May 2

The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced this Saturday that, if the reduction of coronavirus infections is maintained, from May 2 it will be possible to go for a walk and do sports, in a new step of the de-escalation of the confinement imposed on March 14.

In addition, the socialist Sánchez announced a de-escalation plan for the month of May and June, which will be approved in the Council of Ministers next Tuesday, and that will be raised tomorrow Sunday during a meeting by teleconference with regional presidents.

This de-escalation will be, according to the Prime Minister, “gradual”, both when resuming activities and mobility, “asymmetric”, since the pandemic has spread unevenly throughout Spanish territory, and “coordinated” by the Government and, always, according to the criteria of the experts.

This announcement comes the day before more than six million children up to the age of 14 can take to the streets in Spain for the first time after 42 days of hard confinement., what Sánchez described as “little relief”.

This measure has been widely demanded by both regional authorities and experts in childhood.

Children can go for a walk for an hour, accompanied by a family member and within a radius of no more than one kilometer. As anticipated, the daily walk must be carried out at most in groups consisting of a responsible adult and up to three boys or girls. During the daily walk An interpersonal distance with third parties of at least two meters must be maintained. Likewise, prevention and hygiene measures must be complied with against the COVID-19 indicated by the health authorities.

It will be able to circulate through any road or space for public use, including natural spaces and authorized green areas, provided that the maximum limit of one kilometer is respected with respect to the child’s home. However, access to outdoor recreational children’s spaces, as well as sports facilities, will not be allowed.

The order also specifies that a responsible adult is understood to be a person of legal age who currently lives with the child at the same address, or is a household employee in charge of the minor. When the responsible adult is a different person from the parents, guardians, curators, foster parents or legal guardians, or in fact, they must have prior authorization from them.

Furthermore, it establishes that It is the responsibility of the accompanying adult to ensure that the requirements to avoid contagion are met during the daily walk. These rides are compatible with what has been allowed so far for minors during the Alarm State.

If this departure does not cause an increase in infections, the following measures will be taken for lack of confidence, that is, the departures on May 2 to exercise and the next phase of de-escalation, but always with caution and knowing that “we have no certainty absolute on how to transit “in that phase, according to the President of the Spanish Government.

Spain is the second country in Europe most affected by the coronavirtus pandemic, after Italy, although according to official data this Saturday the decreasing trend of the pandemic was confirmed and for the second consecutive day there were higher numbers of recovered patients (3,353) than new cases (2,944).

However, there was a slight rebound of eleven deaths compared to yesterday, to add 378, with which the COVID-19 has caused 22,902 deaths in Spain since the start of the pandemic.

Likewise, 2,944 new infections were registered, confirmed by PCR tests, bringing the total to 205,909.

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