Coronavirus in the world. A map and five graphs to see where the epidemic has arrived (Portugal is 15th in cases and 13th in deaths)

The epidemic of the new coronavirus, Covid-19, continues to increase globally and there are, at this time, about 722 thousand cases confirmed by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, 6408 in Portugal.

The death toll rose globally to 34,400. Portugal recorded the 140th death of a positive case. Italy – the European country most affected by the virus – has already passed 97 thousand cases and has 10,781 fatalities (11%), numbers of the Italian Civil Protection. Still in Europe, Spain is the second country with the highest incidence: 85,195 confirmed cases and 7340 deaths. The United Kingdom has 19,522 cases and adds up to 1228 deaths (6.3%). Outside Europe, the United States is the country with the most confirmed cases of Covid-19, with 143,025 and 2509 fatalities.

China, even though it is the second most affected country in the total number of cases counted since the beginning of the outbreak, in deaths has already been surpassed by Italy and Spain. The number of recent deaths in Chinese territory is residual, 5 in the last 24 hours. New cases in China have been rising slightly in the last few days compared to the previous week, 121 is the last reported value.

The death rate has also been rising in the European phase of the outbreak. The relationship between the number of confirmed cases and deaths associated with Covid-19 globally is now 4.7%. In Spain 9 out of 100 infected people die. In Italy the number rises to 11 in 100. Germany, although it is the 5th country most affected by the outbreak, continues with a mortality below that registered in other countries with an identical number of confirmed cases, 0.8%.

In Portugal the numbers go up every day and we are the 15th country with the most infections in the world, being the 13th in number of registered deaths. There are currently 6408 confirmed cases, 446 more than yesterday. 43 people have recovered and 140 have died. The North of the country remains the region with the highest incidence, 3801 cases, Lisbon is the second, with 1577. The islands have also reported positive cases: 41 in the Azores and 44 in Madeira.

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