Coronavirus in Turkmenistan? For the President, everything is rolling

Officially, Turkmenistan continues to be part of the very small club of countries exempt from Covid-19. And, although certain facts testify to the contrary, a veritable “state doctrine” has taken hold, which prohibits any mention of the virus. Other tasks seem more urgent to the fanciful President Gourbangouly Berdymoukhammedov.

Composing music for each solemn occasion and national holiday: this was the “advice” that the President of Turkmenistan Gourbangouly Berdymoukhammedov recently delivered to his grandson Kerim, during their traditional Sunday bike ride, which always precedes a short ride on horseback, reports the Russian site on Central Asia Fergana Agency.

TV channel Altyn asyr devoted an 11-minute subject on May 17 to this meeting between the president and his likely heir. Like papi, Kerim “Mastery of many musical instruments and compose”, recalls the official Turkmen media Turkmenistan Segodnia.

Together, the grandfather (a poet in his spare time) and his grandson recorded a few songs, including two rap songs on Rovatch, the horse of the president, of the famous Turkmen race Akhal-teke, and on the tourist area Avaza – built in a semi-desert region on the coast of the Caspian Sea, it has been waiting in vain for tourists since 2010.

The young man composed a piece devoted to the nature of the country and “To its beauty without


Alda Engoian

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