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Coronavirus: Incubation time a little shorter than expected

Quarantine appropriate for two weeks

The US experts currently consider the quarantine period of 14 days prescribed by the health authorities in most countries to be sensible. Because the study also suggests that about 97.5 percent of the people who Symptoms develop an infection within 11.5 days of the infection to do. The researchers estimate that out of 10,000 people who were quarantined for 14 days, only about 101 people Symptoms develop after being released from it.

According to the current study, the time between an infection with a pathogen and the first signs of illness is actually a little shorter than previously communicated. Currently the World Health Organization (WHO) assume that the incubation period can be up to 14 days, on average it is WHO according to about six days. As the most common initial Symptoms fever, cough and difficulty breathing are described.

For the study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine appeared, the researchers analyzed 181 cases China and other countries that were diagnosed before February 24 and that have been widely reported in the media. Most cases of infection occurred in the Chinese metropolis Wuhan, the epicenter of the current epidemic, as well as other locations in the severely affected region Hubei back.

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