Coronavirus Ireland: Veterinarians remain open as no evidence that animals can contract Covid-19

Veterinarians across the country will remain open as there is no evidence that animals can contract coronavirus, said a leading surgeon.

However, Veterinary Ireland claimed that practices introduced new rigid rules for complying with government removal advice.

Dr Conor Geraghty, veterinary surgeon and President of Veterinary Ireland said: “Many practices have divided their teams into two or three main groups without physical contact between them.

“This is to ensure that if a member of a group contracts the virus and is isolating itself, others can take action to ensure that the practice remains operational.”

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Coronavirus Ireland

Dr Alan Rossiter of Veterinary Ireland urged those in isolation now to allow anyone else to touch your pet.

He said: “The tests have been performed and there is no evidence to suggest that dogs or cats could become infected with SARS-CoV-2.

“However, in theory it is possible that an infected person’s virus may land on a pet’s coat and remain viable for a short period of time.

“Therefore, if in isolation for any reason, or if you have symptoms, do not let other people touch your pets and keep dogs and cats indoors.”


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