Coronavirus | Italy exceeds 10,000 infections for the first time in just one day | COVID-19

Italy registry 10 010 infections of new coronavirus in the last twenty-four hours, a figure never reached since the emergency began, while the Government and the regions are considering measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

These more than ten thousand infections have been located thanks also to the high number of tests carried out in the last day, more than 150,000.

In total, in Italy 391 611 people have been infected since the beginning of the crisis, on February 21, with the first positive autochthonous cases.

On the other hand in the last twenty-four hours 55 people have died due to the coronavirus (yesterday there were 83), which increases the provisional balance at 36 427 fatalities in the country.

The number of people hospitalized increases. Of the people who have developed the COVID-19, a total of 6,816 are admitted, 434 more than yesterday Thursday, and of these 638 require intensive care, an increase of 52 patients compared to the previous day.

Regions with more cases

The regions with the highest increase in those infected are Lombardy (North), the epicenter of the emergency from the first moment and with a total of 2 419 cases since yesterday, and Campania (south), with capital in Naples and accumulating 1,261 of the new positives.

With these growing figures in Italy, new restrictions are already beginning to be foreseen, although the Government ensures that the Last option would be a total confinement of the country like last spring, something all politics agree on.

Among the ideas that are being discussed the most is the possibility of establishing night curfews as has been done in Paris and other French metropolitan areas or to stipulate “surgical confinements”, limited only to the most affected areas.

The Campania region (south), with Naples as its capital, has taken the lead and has decided to close all schools until October 30 due to the rapid increase in infections, a decision criticized by the central government. And it has also imposed a curfew on the night of October 31 to prevent the celebration of Halloween.

On the other hand, the commissioner for the coronavirus emergency, Domenico Arcuri, left today angry from a meeting with the regions since, in his opinion, they have not installed all the pulmonary ventilators that they made available to be prepared.

(With information from EFE)


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