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Coronavirus: latest travel tips for Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia

The whole of Italy was blocked in the midst of the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Now that the FCO has recommended “everything but essential travel” in the country, vacationers can finally begin to recover some of the costs of any canceled travel.

Those with travel booked to other European countries may be equally concerned about what is going on with their holidays.

Here are the latest tips from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to travel to Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.

FCO advice on a trip to Spain

Spain currently has 589 confirmed coronavirus cases and 10 deaths, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

His most profound case was a hotel in Tenerife, the H10 Costa Adeje Palace, which was quarantined because of an outbreak.

But while travelers may face additional checks when entering Spain, there is no travel advice from the FCO warning against travel to the country.

For the latest field tips in Spain, the Spanish government has a dedicated website in English.

FCO advice on traveling to France

France currently has 1,116 coronavirus cases according to WHO, with 19 deaths.

The FCO does not advise you to travel to France.

However, the French government has now banned meetings with over 1,000 people. If you’ve booked a trip to France for an event, be sure to check with the organizers to see if it’s still going on.

For those traveling from a country where “the virus is actively circulating”, the French government said they should monitor their temperature twice a day for 14 days, wear surgical masks whether with relatives or away from home and avoid non-activity. essentials and individuals at risk.

The French government also has a website with dedicated advice, which is updated daily but only in French.

FCO advice on traveling in Switzerland

Passengers leave the Grand Princess cruise ship after the coronavirus outbreak

Switzerland currently has 332 confirmed coronavirus cases and two deaths according to WHO.

Like France, Switzerland has banned events involving 1,000 or more people, until March 15, 2020. You should check with the organizers if the event you are going on is going on before traveling.

The FCO does not provide travel warnings for Switzerland, but local authorities may provide for additional screening procedures at the entrance.

For the latest tips, travelers can consult the dedicated website of the Swiss government.

FCO advice on traveling in Austria

Austria currently has 112 confirmed coronavirus cases and zero deaths according to WHO.

There may be additional screening for entry into the country, but currently the FCO does not advise you to travel to the country.

If you’re traveling to an event, make sure it’s still happening. The Austrian Interior Minister announced the ban on indoor events for over 100 people and on outdoor events for over 500 people.

FCO advice on traveling to Slovenia

Slovenia has just 16 confirmed coronavirus cases and no deaths according to WHO.

The FCO said that anyone with a booked holiday in Slovenia should check with travel agents, hotels or transport service providers about any impact on travel. However, he does not advise you to travel to Slovenia.

You can find the latest updates from the Slovenian government on any travel restrictions in English on its dedicated website.


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