Coronavirus, link between blood group and contagion risk discovered

People with blood type A and AB “tended to need mechanical ventilation more,” reads a study that looked at Canadian patients. Research on data from Denmark argues that those with group 0 risk less

People with blood type A and AB are at a greater risk of contracting the coronavirus and develop the disease in an acute form. Those with group 0 may be safer. This was revealed by two studies published in the journal Blood Advances and led by experts from Odense University Hospital, the University of Southern Denmark and British Columbia, who investigated the potential link between blood type and the onset, symptoms and severity of Covid-19 infections.

The data study in Denmark


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“There may be a correlation between the blood group and the vulnerability to coronavirus – says Torben Barington of Odense University

Hospital and the University of Southern Denmark – but more studies will be needed to better understand the implications of the information we gathered. “The team compared Danish health registry data from more than 473,000 individuals who tested positive, versus a control group. of over 2.2 million people. “Among the positive cases, the number of subjects with blood type 0 was significantly smaller,” explains the researcher. Barington argues that this study has “a solid starting point.” “In such an analysis – he says – it is essential to select the appropriate control group because the prevalence of the blood group can vary considerably between ethnicities and countries considered. There Denmark it is a small, ethnically homogeneous country with a public health system and a central registry dedicated to laboratory data ”.

Patients of groups A and AB most at risk

The second research instead probed the symptoms of Covid-19, finding a greater likelihood of onset of acute symptoms in patients with blood type A or AB. The team working on this started with the cases of positive patients admitted to Vancouver, Canada, and found that those with blood types A and AB tended to need more. mechanical ventilation. “The results – comment the authors – suggest that these patients may be more prone to severe symptoms. Now it is necessary to continue to investigate these phenomena, which could help reveal tools and methods of approach to address the health emergency “. In the study, complications to the lungs and kidneys were considered,” but in future studies we will focus on the relationship between the blood group and the effects of the disease on other vital organs “assures Mypinder S. Sekhon of British Columbia.


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