Coronavirus live ticker: +++ 06:39 RKI reports 13,363 new infections +++

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported 13,363 new infections within 24 hours. That is around 2,650 fewer cases than on Sunday, according to information from the RKI in the morning. The number of cases recorded is usually lower on Mondays, partly because fewer tests are carried out on the weekend. Last Monday, the number of new infections reported was 12,097. The peak was reached on Saturday with 23,399 reported cases. According to the RKI, a total of 671,868 people across Germany have been infected with Sars-CoV-2 since the beginning of the pandemic (as of November 9, 00:00). The number of deaths related to the virus rose 63 to a total of 11,352 as of Monday. The RKI estimates that around 429,600 people have now recovered.

+++ 06:18 More than 10 million corona cases in the USA +++
In the US, the number of new infections has risen to 126,156, according to the New York Times. Accordingly, 1,013 people died within one day in connection with a corona infection. Overall, the number of corona cases in the country amounts to more than 10 million. The number of dead is more than 238,000.

+++ 05:34 Vaccinations should be documented centrally and anonymously +++
The federal government is planning a central documentation of any vaccinations when corona vaccines are first available. For this purpose, the RKI is to develop a web-based portal, according to the national vaccination strategy of Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn, from which the news portal “ThePioneer” quotes. Personal data such as name or address are not recorded. Rather, it is about getting a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of which population groups have already been vaccinated. Relevant are data such as age, gender, place of residence and vaccination indication as well as the location of the vaccination, vaccination date and the vaccine product with batch number.

+++ 04:47 China attributes new infection to German pork leg +++
China has identified a pork knuckle imported from Germany as the trigger for a new corona case. State media reported that a worker in a cold store in the east Chinese city of Tianjin was infected. Tests then led to virus traces on the packaging of a frozen pork knuckle. This was first imported from Bremen to Tianjin and sent from there to the city of Dezhou. Eight people with whom the worker previously had close contacts were quarantined as a precaution, according to the state newspaper “Global Times”. China has already identified frozen food or its packaging imported from abroad as a source of infection.

+++ 03:58 Preparations for Biden’s Corona Action Plan are underway +++
With well over 120,000 new infections and over 1000 deaths a day, the USA is still far from getting the corona situation under control. The newly elected US President Joe Biden wants to set the course for an action plan before he takes office. Today, Monday, he wants to present an expert council to contain the corona pandemic. A dual leadership should lead him: Vivek Murthy was the top health official of the US government from 2014 to 2017, David Kessler previously headed the Food and Drug Administration FDA. You have been advising in the pandemic since March, said a Biden spokeswoman.

+++ 02:32 Düsseldorfer Verein distributes carnival sets for home +++
The carnival enthusiasts will have to do without the collective start of the session this year, but the carnival should not be completely canceled: Under the motto “Rethink Carnival”, the Düsseldorf carnival association Prinzengarde Blau-Weiss has brought around 500 members so-called session starter sets to their front door. One set consists, among other things, of the new session order, streamers, balloons, a blue and white protective mask and a four-pack of Altbier, as the association announced. The aim is to give the members an atmospheric 11.11. To make it possible at home in a small circle, explained Blau-Weiss President Lothar Hörning. 50 Prince Guards brought the sets to the members living in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area. Among them was the new Mayor of Düsseldorf, Stephan Keller.

+++ 01:40 A good 10,500 new infections in Brazil +++
In Brazil, the number of known infections increases by 10,554 to a total of more than 5.66 million. The Ministry of Health also announced 128 more deaths. According to official figures, 161,397 people died in connection with the virus in the Latin American country.

+++ 00:48 Spahn: 30 to 40 percent of the population are at risk +++
Health Minister Jens Spahn warns against overloading intensive care medicine in view of the age structure in Germany. The Federal Republic is the second oldest country in the world after Japan, said the CDU politician of the “Bild-Zeitung”. “We have 23 million Germans over 60. We are an affluent country with the diseases of civilization: diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity. All risk factors for this virus, as well as for many infectious diseases, by the way.” By definition, 30 to 40 percent of the population belonged to a risk group. “If around two percent of 20,000 newly infected people have to go to intensive care in one day, that’s 400 a day. If intensive care treatment and support lasts 15 days on average – that’s 6000.” Germany will reach this number in November, that is already foreseeable.

+++ 23:52 France’s Ministry of Health cannot report complete data +++
Due to problems with data collection, the French Ministry of Health is initially only announcing part of the current Corona numbers. According to this, 38,619 new infections and 271 more deaths in hospitals are known. It can be assumed that the numbers will increase significantly. On Saturday, the new infections soared to a record level of 86,852. The missing information from today should be submitted on Monday.

+++ 23:15 Health authorities: The contact diary is less about everyday contacts +++
The health authority in Hamburg has called for a contact diary to be kept. Such a diary helps to be able to quickly pass on all the necessary contacts to the health department in the event of an infection, said the authority. The aim is not to note down everyday contacts with family, direct colleagues in the office or classmates. The focus is on occasions, meetings or situations where there is inevitable contact with other people in a confined space. In the opinion of the authority, the effort involved in this in the current situation, in which contacts should be reduced as much as possible, is manageable.

+++ 22:11 Five federal states report four-digit new infection numbers +++
A total of five federal states register four-digit numbers for new coronavirus infections. Most of the new cases are reported from North Rhine-Westphalia with 3286. In Bavaria there are 2875, in Hesse 1723. This is followed by Baden-Württemberg with 1705 and Lower Saxony with 1320. The fewest new infections are recorded in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, where 52 Covid-19 patients were added. Saxony does not report any new case numbers at the weekend.

+++ 21:35 Spahn justifies test strategy +++
Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn rejects criticism of the corona test strategy. The Robert Koch Institute has been recommending for months that contact persons of an infected person without symptoms should not be tested, but stay at home. “In a phase like now, those who have symptoms have to be tested first,” says the CDU politician, referring to the high numbers of infections and the overloaded laboratories. If the capacities are not used to full capacity, you can be tested without symptoms.

+++ 21:01 Current data situation in Germany: 13,242 new infections reported +++
The number of reported coronavirus infections in Germany has risen to 663,375. As can be seen from the information from the state authorities evaluated by, 13,242 new cases were added within 24 hours. The number of deaths related to infection rose 65 to 11,318. Around 236,700 people are currently infected. The numbers do not include the new infections in Saxony, as the state does not pass on any data at the weekend.

The infection rate (R value) is given by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) as 1.10 (previous day: 1.05). This means that an average of 100 infected people infect 110 other people with Sars-CoV-2. The 7-day R-value is currently 1.01 (previous day: 1.04). According to the Divi Register, 2904 Covid-19 patients are currently being treated in intensive care in Germany, 1605 of whom are ventilated. Around 7605 intensive care beds are currently still available in the German clinics.

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