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Coronavirus live ticker: +++ 08:44 38 infected people in the Heinsberg district – crisis team comes together +++

In the district of Heinsberg, the number of people who can be proven to be infected with the coronavirus rises to 38. A further person was reported late Friday evening, a spokeswoman for the district said. The crisis team would meet again in the morning due to the rapid spread of the pathogen. They are still waiting for the test results from dozens of children from the day care center where the sick teacher and the child care worker treated in the Düsseldorf university hospital works. “We have no results on this yet”.

+++ 08:11 South Korea asks citizens to stay at home for the weekend +++
South Korea is calling on its citizens to stay at home on weekends. The country is at a critical point in the fight against the corona virus, said Deputy Health Minister Kim Kang Lip. Participation in public events and contact with other people should be avoided. South Korea reported 594 new cases. This brought the total number of people infected to just under 3,000.

+++ 07:33 China’s industry is slumping like never before +++
China’s industry has slumped as never before because of the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic. The official purchasing manager index (PMI) fell in February to 35.7 points from 50.0 points in January, according to the statistics office. This means that the barometer is well below the 50 meter mark, from which onward business is signaled. Analysts interviewed by Reuters had only expected a drop to 46 points in February. That would have been the lowest level since January 2009. The corona virus meant that goods could not be delivered or were not even produced because workers had to stay at home because of the risk of infection.

+++ 07:01 FIBO fitness fair will be postponed +++
FIBO in Cologne, the world’s largest trade fair for fitness, wellness and health, will be postponed from the planned date in April to the second half of 2020. “We didn’t take this decision lightly. Our customers, partners and the FIBO team worked incredibly hard on this event,” said Silke Frank, director of FIBO Global Fitness Events. Although it was disappointing to postpone the event, it was essential “that we give priority to the health and safety of everyone involved,” continued Frank. FIBO brings together more than 1,000 exhibitors and around 145,000 visitors from 135 countries in Cologne every year.

+++ 06:17 Contagion route in the latest case in California unknown +++
The latest case in California, which has been confirmed in the United States, says the local authorities are unable to trace the contagion. The woman has not traveled or been in touch with travelers, says Santa Clara County health officer Sara Cody. The anonymous patient had previously made the headlines because she initially refused to be tested for the coronavirus. The test only took place when her condition deteriorated significantly. There are approximately 60 confirmed cases in the United States. Most of them are former passengers of the cruise ship Diamond Princess.

+++ 04:58 Almost 600 new infections in South Korea +++
The corona virus is spreading rapidly in South Korea. As the health authorities announced on Saturday, 594 new diagnosed infections were added overnight. So far, 2931 people have contracted the causative agent of Covid-19 – more than anywhere else outside of China, where the origin of the lung disease is suspected. The number of deaths associated with the virus has increased by three to 16 so far. The authorities expect the number of cases to continue to skyrocket in the coming days, as all of the more than 200,000 members of the sect in South Korea the virus should be tested. The organization also has connections to China.


He did it: In Hubei, a discharged patient says goodbye to the hospital staff.

(Photo: imago images / Xinhua)

+++ 03:48 China reports another 47 deaths +++
In China, another 47 people have died of Covid-19 lung disease. According to the Beijing Health Commission, 45 of the new victims come from the particularly hard-hit province of Hubei, where the virus originally broke out. The number of new diseases also increased again. According to official information, 427 new cases were registered nationwide, 423 of them in Hubei. The total number of confirmed infections in mainland China rose to 79,251. So far, 2,835 deaths have been confirmed in China.

+++ 03:13 USA advise against trips to Italy +++
Because of the corona virus, the United States advises its citizens against any travel to Italy that is not absolutely necessary. The U.S. Department of Health CDC has issued a recommendation. The reason given for this step is that there is “limited access to adequate medical care” in the areas of Italy affected by the virus.

+++ 02:21 USA postpone Asean summit +++
Because of the spread of the coronavirus, the United States postpones the Asean summit planned for March. “The United States and its partners have made the difficult decision to postpone the meeting of Asean leaders,” said a government official. He also assured that Trump was “impatient” waiting for a future meeting. But there is still no date for this. As of Tuesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed that, despite the myriad Corona cases in Asia, the summit would take place as planned.

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A gondolier in Venice has little to do these days. The government in Rome wants to help entrepreneurs and private individuals.

(Photo: AP)

+++ 01:51 Italy decides aid for those affected +++
The Italian government has launched a bundle of emergency aid for people in areas severely affected by the coronavirus. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s cabinet wants to give citizens the opportunity to temporarily suspend payments to utilities and insurance companies. Companies should receive concrete economic aid, a spokesman announced on Facebook. In addition, pupils whose schools are closed due to the outbreak of the infection with the novel corona virus should not be afraid of having their school year withdrawn. The minimum number of days for attendance is suspended.

+++ 00:43 WADA cancels symposium +++
The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has canceled its annual symposium because of the corona virus. “It was a difficult decision, we expected more than 1000 participants from all over the world. But the measure was necessary to ensure the health and safety of the agency’s employees and everyone involved,” said WADA President Witold Banka. The international conference should have taken place in Lausanne from March 17th to 19th.


Lessons are also canceled at this driving school in the Heinsberg district.

(Photo: dpa)

+++ 00:19 Kreis Heinsberg leaves schools closed for a week +++
In the Heinsberg district of North Rhine-Westphalia, the number of coronavirus cases has risen to 37. The district administration announced on Friday evening. The 100-strong crisis team decided that the daycare centers, schools and daycare facilities in the district would remain closed until March 6th. The public administrations are to open from March 3, partially open to the public again.

+++ 23:59 After quarantine violation: Russia expels 88 foreigners +++
Moscow deports 88 foreigners for violating quarantine measures. According to the deputy mayor of the Russian capital, the RIA news agency. At first it was unclear which citizens it was. The government in Moscow had previously tightened entry requirements. Russia is no longer issuing visas to Iranians, and air travelers from South Korea are also no longer allowed to enter.

+++ 23:22 Hessen reports second Corona case +++
A second infection with the novel corona virus has been confirmed in Hessen. In a 29-year-old from the Hochtaunuskreis, the pathogen Sars-CoV-2 was detected, the Ministry of Social Affairs said in the evening. The case is related to the first Hessian coronavirus infected from the Lahn-Dill district. The 29-year-old showed mild symptoms and was isolated at home. He was looked after closely by the health department and his condition was checked regularly. The health department is currently checking whether there are any contact persons that the man could have infected.


The US economy sees “strong”: Fed boss Powell.

(Photo: AP)

+++ 22:29 interest rate cut: Fed wants to intervene +++
The US Federal Reserve may want to intervene to cushion the economic consequences of the coronavirus crisis. Fed chief Jerome Powell said the corona virus poses “risks to economic activity”. The Federal Reserve is monitoring current developments and their impact on the economy. “We will use our instruments and act appropriately to support our economy.” At the same time, Powell emphasized that the US economy was still “strong”. Fears of the economic consequences of the corona virus have caused stock markets to plummet worldwide. Investors fear the effects of the virus on economic growth. Former Fed representative Kevin Warsh therefore called for an immediate rate cut by central banks. Powell’s message seems to at least for the time being reject it.


Hostess in Stralsund: Chancellor Merkel maintains hand hygiene and pleads for serenity.

(Photo: picture alliance / dpa)

+++ 22:01 Merkel also does not handshake +++
Chancellor Angela Merkel has pleaded for “measure and middle” when dealing with the new corona virus. Not all events should therefore be canceled, said the CDU politician in the evening at her annual reception in her West Pomeranian constituency in Stralsund. Germany is one of the countries that have the best conditions to deal with the virus. In addition, each individual can contribute something. She set a good example: “I’m not shaking hands with anyone tonight,” said Merkel. Shortly before, the world’s largest travel trade fair ITB had been canceled due to the corona virus.

+++ 21:31 crisis team tightened traveler surveillance +++
In its second meeting, the German government’s crisis team decided to take further measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. This was announced by the Ministry of Health and the Interior. According to this, the health status of passengers in South Korea, Japan, Italy and Iran will also have to be reported before arrival in air and ship traffic. So far, this regulation only applies to China. The railway companies are obliged to report passengers with symptoms of coronavirus disease to the authorities. The crisis team is also preparing measures to ensure the supply of protective equipment. “This includes, in particular, planned central procurement and stockpiling by the federal government,” explain the ministries. The principles of the Robert Koch Institute should be followed in the risk assessment of large events. “The crisis team believes that if these principles are applied, imminent major international events such as the ITB should be canceled.”

+++ 19:25 BBC reports 210 corona deaths in Iran +++
In Iran, at least 210 people have died from the corona virus in several cities, reports the BBC citing hospital circles. Most of the dead came from the cities of Tehran and Qom. Videos circulated on Twitter showing trucks disinfecting the streets. The Iranian regime had reported the official number of 34 corona victims only in the morning. The authorities in Tehran initially did not want to comment on the latest worrying figures. The US had previously offered aid to Iran, but complained of a lack of transparency.

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