Coronavirus live updates: quarantines, blockages, cancellations, closures that invade life all over the world

During a long press conference on Tuesday at noon, President Trump repeated the guidelines he announced on Monday aimed at keeping Americans in groups of 10 or smaller for the next 15 days.

“We ask everyone to work from home, if possible, to postpone unnecessary travel and limit social gatherings,” he said.

On Monday, Trump said that these restrictions could last until July or August, but Tuesday focused on how these guidelines are only for the next 14 days or so for now. “We will see what happens next,” he said. “If we do it right, our country can come back again quickly enough.”

“Enjoy your home. Stay, ”Trump said of people who are thinking of flying to warm places across the country and the world on business. “I would recommend that you simply enjoy your living room.”

Trump has said he is “not happy” with the people who are still around and seems to praise the pressure from society to keep people at home. “Those people are screamed by other people,” he said. “It’s almost like self-police.”

He added a terrible warning: “We have to get rid of this. We have to win this war, and ideally quickly, because the longer it takes, it’s not a good situation. And I’m not even talking about economics. I’m talking about people’s lives. “

“If every American acted on the coronavirus guidelines,” added Vice President Pence later, “we could see substantial reductions in the spread of coronavirus.”

White House coronavirus response coordinator Deborah Birx elaborated on this message, asking elders to avoid going out if possible.

“We are asking older generations to stay in their homes,” he said, “and we are asking younger generations to stop going out to bars and restaurants and spread asymptomatic viruses on countertops.”

He applauded supermarket chains like Stop & Shop for creating shopping periods for seniors only.

Trump said he is in talks with Walmart and other retailers to keep their shelves stocked, which is happening. But he urged the Americans not to accumulate food and supplies. “We are trying to get people to buy less if possible,” he said. “Don’t take everything. Buy what you need for a while.”

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