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Coronavirus Lombardia, hospitalizations decline but deaths rise: “Maximum attention in Phase 2”

Milan, May 4, 2002 – I am 78,105 coronavirus cases in Lombardy since the beginning of the emergency, with an increase of +577 in the last 24 hours (526 the day before and 533 the previous day). 7,978 swabs processed, for a total of 418,835. Stable the number of admissions in intensive therapy, which shows no further downturns, reaching 532. Inpatients fall again in other areas: -195 (6,414) and increase i resigned +697 (in the complex 53.470). As for the harder note, that of deaths, there is an increase of 63 (yesterday they were 42). In total the positive deaths in Covid in Lombardy are 14,294. “The data show a positive trend – commented the councilor for Civil Protection Pietro Foroni -. The decrease in hospitalized patients and the number of people discharged is important. It does not mean that the virus is eradicated but it means that the measures adopted are giving good results. Social distancing and masks will also have to remain in this phase of reopening“.

Summary of data for Monday 4 May

Provincial data

The provinces of Milan, Bergamo and Brescia Covid 19 positivity cases continue to grow, particularly in Bergamo: 85 new cases, while 59 and 34 new official cases had been registered respectively in the previous days. Also in the province of Brescia the growth of 94 new cases is higher than the day before (+ 20), but not much different from Saturday (+ 70). Regarding there province of Milan worse numbers than yesterday: + 186 compared to + 118, but on Saturday there was the worrying growth of 249 new cases. Symmetrical situation regarding Milan city: today + 48, yesterday + 41, but Saturday + 115.

Regarding the other provinces, these are the numbers released by the Lombardy Region:

Como: 3,332 (+19) yesterday: 3,313 (+20) the day before yesterday: 3,293 (+22)

Cremona: 6,109 (+3) yesterday: 6,106 (+18) the day before yesterday: 6,088 (+20)

Lecco: 2,360 (+16) yesterday: 2,344 (+54) the day before yesterday: 2,290 (+13)

Lodi: 3,062 (+15) yesterday: 3,047 (+30) the day before yesterday: 3,017 (+23)

Monza Brianza: 4,850 (+27) yesterday: 4,823 (+78) the day before yesterday: 4,745 (+16)

Mantova: 3,201 (+2) yesterday: 3,199 (+5) the day before yesterday: 3,194 (+9)

Pavia: 4,522 (+32) yesterday: 4,490 (+34) the day before yesterday: 4,456 (+40)

Sondrio: 1,210 (+29) yesterday: 1,181 (0 =) the day before yesterday: 1,181 (=)

Varese: 2,838 (+55) yesterday: 2,783 (+68) the day before yesterday: 2,715 (+10)

Provincial data for Monday 4 May

Terzi: 700 thousand Trenord passenger masks

Lombardy Region provided Trenord 700,000 masks which are distributed free of charge to passenger starting today in some of the main Lombard stations: Milan Cadorna, Milan Porta Garibaldi, Milan Porta Garibaldi Underground, Saronno, Bergamo, Lecco, Pavia, Gallarate, Treviglio, Cremona, Brescia, Como San Giovanni, Mortara, Legnano, Seregno, Varese, Busto Arsizio, Monza, Lodi, Mantua, Sondrio. “It is – explains the regional councilor for Infrastructure, Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Claudia Maria Terzi – of a small gesture of attention towards citizens who are starting to use the railway service again today, Monday 4 May, with the gradual reopening of some activities “.

Fontana: “The emergency is not over”

“Phase 2 starts, but theemergency is not over – explained Governor Attilio Fontana on Facebook -. Lombardy was the first to be hit, we have a duty to be the first to show the way out. Attention, respect for the rules, courage. We never forget masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and distance. We will get up stronger than before. ”

Three billion for the recovery

On the day he is in Italy Phase 2 started of the Coronavirus emergency management from the Lombardy Regional Council comes iL go-ahead bipartisan on the floor of regional investments of 3 billionthe. The Pirellone ‘s goal is to relaunch the “locomotive of Italy” and help the economy restart the region, severely tested by the spread of Covid-19. 74 Lombard councilors voted in favor, with only one abstention.

Gallera: “Hospital at the fair will be strategic”

The Lombard Councilor for Welfare Giulio Gallera, responding to a question in the Regional Council, he defended the choice to build a hospital in Fiera Milano. “It will be a strategic reference point for the next few months of the phase 2 – he said – for us it remains central, it is in the Lombard and Italian strategy ” reasons for which the realization was decided, Gallera recalled that at theearly March, “The situation was dramatic” and “at that moment solutions had to be given”.

Bertolaso: “Maximum caution”

“I experienced Covid-19 disease on my skin and it was tough“he said Guido Bertolaso, consultant of the Lombardy and Marche Regions for the coronavirus emergency. “Among the people – said Bertolaso ​​- you feel the desire to start again. Everyone says that after the risk of dying from the virus, now you risk dying of hunger. I am on the side of those who say that everything must be restarted the Italian system, but it must not be a free everyone, the risk exists. I experienced Covid-19 disease on my skin and it was very hard. I believe – he concluded – that only those who have undergone this kind of experience can speak with real knowledge of the facts and invite to the utmost prudence “.

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