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Coronavirus: March 21 at a glance | World news

Key developments in the global coronavirus epidemic today include:

Infections pass 1,000 in Japan, Australia and Canada.

Japan has recorded 1,016 coronavirus cases since Saturday. The tally rises to 1,728 if the 712 infections of the Diamond Princess cruise ship which was blocked in the port near Tokyo last month are included. The death toll in the country, including deaths from the ship, is 43 years.

In Australia 1,049 cases of Covid-19 and seven deaths have been reported. And Canada has 1,044 cases and 13 deaths.

WHO warns “non-invincible” young people

While the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions are most affected by the virus, WHO head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has warned young people: “you are not invincible”. Inviting young people to act responsibly, he said, “This virus could put you in the hospital for weeks or even kill you.”

UK closings enter into force

In Britain, pubs, cafes, gyms and restaurants closed on business on Friday evening as the government announced an unprecedented wage support plan to try to prevent a wave of job losses.

Bondi Beach temporarily closed when Australians said they took social distancing seriously

The New South Wales government temporarily closed Bondi Beach after thousands of people poured in on Friday and Saturday when temperatures were excessively hot. Once reopened, if more than 500 people are simultaneously on the beach, it will be closed. The same goes for all the beaches in the state. Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said that what happened in Bondi on Friday is unacceptable and told people to act responsibly.

Millions in the United States said they were staying home

In the United States, tens of millions have started living with stricter quarantine measures. Illinois and Connecticut joined New York on Friday afternoon to tell all residents to stay at home outside of certain permitted activities and essential job services. This followed a California order earlier in the week, while Pennsylvania Thursday closed all non-essential activities and New Jersey planned to take similar action on Saturday.

Singapore records the first two deaths

Singapore recorded two coronavirus-related deaths on Saturday, marking the first victims of the city-state due to the pandemic. Singapore, widely praised for its response to the virus, confirmed 385 cases of infection.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern tells citizens to cancel the trip

Jacinda Ardern asked citizens to limit their movements in the country and to cancel all non-essential domestic travel. Those who could work from home should do it now, he said, but they reassure Kiwis that essential services like supermarkets and pharmacies would remain open.

Zero cases transmitted locally in mainland China

Mainland China did not report new locally transmitted cases of coronavirus for a third consecutive day, although imported infections continued to increase on Saturday. Mainland China had 41 confirmed new cases of coronavirus, all affecting people who had traveled abroad, according to the National Health Commission.

Syria bans visitors from countries affected by viruses

Syria will not allow visitors arriving from countries that are dealing with outbreaks to enter the country as part of measures to prevent the spread of the virus. No cases have been registered by the government or in large parts of the country beyond government control. There is deep concern about an outbreak that occurs in the country’s narrow fields and settlements.

Jordan begins indefinite curfew

Jordan began an indefinite national curfew to prevent people from moving, except for emergencies. Anyone who violates the curfew can be jailed for up to a year, the army said.

The death toll in the Philippines is rising

The Philippines recorded its 19 death from coronavirus, with confirmed cases rising to 262. More than half of the country is under severe domestic quarantine.

The Indian state closes its borders

The Indian state of Tamil Nadu on Friday took the rare step of closing its borders with several neighboring states.


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