Coronavirus. Medical students in the US will graduate prematurely

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Given the increase of infected by coronavirus in the United States, some universities in this country apply a new measure to combat this ‘war’; is about graduate medical students early because the demand is very high.

“In this battle, the troops are the health professionals, they are the troops that are fighting for us, we need to recruit more health professionals,” said Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, where the first school to apply said strategy.

And is that the demand for doctors, nurses and other health personnel in hospitals for Covid-19 has not stopped growing, so that students who are three months or less from finishing their degree, will be able to do it in advance to to join the ranks of doctors willing to fight the virus.

“When I told my parents about the decision they said it was a war and they know that I am part of this war. It is a critical time to become a doctor, but I can help many people, I want to do everything possible, ”Randy Casals, a 28-year-old student who will graduate early, told CNN.

In addition to personnel, the United States is suffering from a shortage of medical equipment such as face masks and other devices that are crucial in this fight to save lives.

The United States surpassed the 7 thousand deceased this Friday and is the red focus not only of the continent, but also worldwide, it is number one in confirmed cases with more than 277 thousand.


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