Coronavirus: Mexico reaches 100,000 deaths from COVID-19 amid economic and health crisis

COVID-19 :

The 100,104 confirmed COVID-19 deaths already far exceed the federal government’s initial projections for the pandemic

Without a break, the coronavirus has already claimed more than 100,000 lives in Mexico, an exhausted health system and an economy between the ropes that threatens million people, all spurred on by controversial official speech.

Mexico is today the fourth country in the world for the dead – behind the United States, Brazil and India – and the eleventh for contagion.

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The million 19 thousand 543 cases and 100,104 confirmed deaths far exceed the first government projections, which no longer make estimates of the impact on see all your outdated metrics.

Positively, the country has weathered the crisis and did not record tragic images of collapsed hospitals or bodies in the streets, but it leads to endless problems with consequences that are difficult to predict.

Unequal combat

the health care system is out of stock with health workers faced with this cheating virus and sometimes even quit his life.

The country accumulates 144 thousand 83 healthcare professionals infected and 1,924 confirmed deaths and Amnesty International has warned that Mexico is the country of the world with more deaths of medical personnel.

In the Hôpital Juárez de México They are working at a breakneck pace and although occupancy is now 67% in the COVID-19 zone, the months have taken their toll.

We are treating “a patient who is On the brink of death, and you have to be there all the time. And it’s not, there are a lot of patients, ”says Jessica Garduño, head of intensive therapy in the COVID area of ​​the hospital, in Efe.

The doctor, specialist in critical medicine, uses “mental strength” and recognizes that some colleagues have even fallen the Depression. In addition, he is very concerned about this complex dichotomy: while the health system is consumed, part citizens live carefree.

Last weekend, for example, hundreds of bathers crowded the beaches of Acapulco.

“In my country, the resources will be exhausted, Like everywhere. (…) And the problem is that people don’t take care, don’t keep the distance, ”laments.

Patients have not stopped arriving at this referral hospital. People like María del Rosario Jhweste, who 69 years old door seven days of hospitalization.

“I don’t know what it was like, but I fell,” the woman said in a small voice. Unlike so many others, she “yes” believes in the virus and always wears face masks, especially since her sister-in-law died of COVID-19 June 26.

By his side, Margarita Hernández does not stop cough, cough. She is 59 years old, a housekeeper and did not limit herself to the first symptom. The family economy commander.

“During the day I felt good and in the afternoon I would arrive and feel tired, exhausted. But I had to get there, work, ”he told Efe.

Until the the body says enough and was hospitalized.

Confrontation of visions

Authorities and experts are debating whether the country is experiencing “second wave“As in European nations or so always continue first.

Mexico had her first case at end of February and closed all activities not essential in April and May, Although the confinement he was not strict so as not to harm millions of informal workers.

Recently, the authorities recognized epidemics in various states of the country and the capital closed the bars and reduce the hours of restaurants, cinemas and museums.

In this context, it never ceased to surprise, even scandalize, the vision of President and part of his entourage.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He never wears a face mask at 67 and says his advisers do not advise it.

And although he has promoted agreements with private hospitals to avoid saturation of the sector and HIM-HER-IT a resolution in favor of the universal vaccine, contradictions abound.

At the start of the pandemic, it was estimated that there would be less than 10,000 deaths, a figure now totally submerged, with all the pain it inflicts.

But for the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer, the pandemic is “under control”, and although there is a increased infections, the number of deaths has decreased.
Mexico It’s American countries with fewer deaths compared to its population“, Recalled this Friday López Obrador, who assured that from the government” we have done everything and we will continue to do so “.

These statements contrast with the official data reflecting, for example, a clear under reporting.

The authorities calculated between January and September 2020 an excess mortality of 37% with 193 thousand more dead than expected.

Management of pandemic it was widely criticized and caused enormous tensions with states and the opposition.

For Malaquías López, professor of public health at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), le no obligation to wear face masks, excessive mobility and, most importantly, a lack of evidence, triggered the epidemic. “We are working blind,” he told Efe.

In addition, he defined the government’s forecast as “fatally wrongFor having stipulated a social and economic reopening since June, when there was a high level of infections.

In addition, he regrets betting on the “mitigation“Instead of prevention:” This war had to be won in the community, not in the hospital. “

Millions of victims

Mexico recorded a historic decline in gross domestic product (GDP) of 18.7% year-on-year in the second quarter, with the third rebounding 12% from the three previous months.

According to the president, the economy is recovering, although an 8% drop is officially estimated in 2020.

For millions of Mexicans, this data is dead paper. The country has around 50 million poor people (41.9%), and various organizations they estimate that at least 10 million more could fall there.

“There was one very significant deterioration of the economy which mainly affected the most vulnerable population, ”says Violeta Rodríguez, of the Institute for Economic Research ONE.

According to official data, more than 400,000 jobs out of the 1.1 million formal jobs have disappeared.

More more than half of the workforce works informally. In this precarious sector, 12 million jobs have been lost and around seven have been recovered.

“This recovery certainly has to do with the strong urgency which families have entered. They could no longer bear the confinement, “said the economist, who fears” devastating effects “in the medium term.

The last goodbye

In the municipal pantheon of Chalco there is hardly any room for a soul even if a few months ago it opened a new property in this cemetery at the gates of the capital.

The humble crosses recall the ravages of pandemic. Since April, more than 500 corps, although not all of them died from the virus.

“They came of all kinds, sometimes from COVID-19, or whatever it was, whether it was murder, and things like that,” sums up Francisco Javier Rivera, a 17-year-old man He no longer wears a protective suit because it is “very tedious”.

Matilde brings flowers to her son, who died at the age of 27 and buried in a shabby corner of the cemetery, between whirlwinds of dust. Fix it tomb, pray an Our Father. Its stem He died of an accident, but a close relative lost his life 15 days ago due to “the pandemic”.

The gravediggers, pick and shovel, they open four more holes.

Comes a hearse and a delegation of 30 people. All with face masks. “That the gentlemen of the newspaper see that we take care of ourselves“, Point a gift.

A marching band plays ‘Eternal Love’, by Juan Gabriel.

The ritual lasts only 30 minutes. Is buried Maria de la LuzHe was 42 years old, suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes. Relatives say it was not COVID-19, although these comorbidities triggered the deaths.

With or without virus, Maria de la Luz fertilize this land sown with farewell.

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