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Coronavirus: more than 10,000 contaminations per day

The only declining indicator in Belgium is the number of deaths.

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LSars-Cov-2 contaminations and hospitalizations continue to increase but the number of deaths is falling, according to statistics from the Sciensano Public Health Institute, published Thursday morning.

Between March 14 and 20, 10,090 coronavirus contaminations were diagnosed on average per day, or 24% more than during the previous seven-day reference period. At the same time, some 37,700 tests (+8%) were carried out daily on average, for a positivity rate of 28.9% (+3.6%).

The number of hospitalizations also increased to around 183.1 (+ 14%) admissions on average per day between March 17 and 23.

On Wednesday, 2,597 patients who tested positive for covid were in hospital (+16%), of which 171 (-3%) were being treated in intensive care.

Between March 14 and 20, some 18 people (-9%) died on average per day as a result of the coronavirus.

The reproduction rate (Rt), which measures the degree of contagiousness of the virus, is 1.09. When this indicator is greater than 1, it means that the epidemic tends to accelerate.

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