Coronavirus. New restrictions. Who can go to the gym?

Gyms, swimming pools, clubs and fitness centers are exempt from the ban on operating, according to the latest decision of the Ministry of Sport regarding safety rules during the coronavirus pandemic. However, this does not mean that everyone will be able to go to the gym or swimming pool.

Gyms and swimming pools will be open, but only for certain people. As informed by the Ministry of Sport, facilities that:

  • operate in entities performing medical activities intended for patients,
  • are intended for people who practice sports as part of sports competition, sports activities or sports events,
  • are intended for students and pupils – as part of classes at the university or school.

Thus, gyms and swimming pools will remain open, but not for everyone. However, the government introduced new rules not only for gyms and swimming pools, but also for aquaparks and dance schools.

The government changes its mind. Open pools, but only for some

No more than 250 may participate in sports activities or events and sports competitions (excluding golf courses, tennis courts, stables, studs and horse racing tracks, infrastructure for water and aviation sports, which are not subject to the maximum number of people) participants at the same time, not counting the people handling the event.

Ministry of Sport

As regards dance schools, “sports dance clubs and dance schools are exempted from the prohibition of the activity of providing indoor or other confined spaces for dancing”.

Coronavirus. New safety rules in sport:

  • gyms, clubs and fitness centers,
  • swimming pools and aquaparks,
  • sports dance clubs and dance schools,
  • sports competition,
  • audience participation



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