Coronavirus: Now the Solino old people’s home in Bütschwil is also affected +++ 17 people have died in the senior center in Uzwil

Coronavirus: Now the Solino old people’s home in Bütschwil is also affected +++ 17 people have died in the senior center in Uzwil

Meanwhile, a third home in the Wil-Toggenburg region has been hit hard. There were also outbreaks in other Thurvita AG facilities in Wil.

The corona pandemic has already hit three old people’s homes in the Wil-Toggenburg region hard.

Photo: Sandra Ardizzone

The corona numbers in Toggenburg are actually falling again. But now, of all times, there is an outbreak in a retirement home in the region: in the Solino senior citizen center in Bütschwil. A resident’s first test on Wednesday was positive.

Since then, the number of people infected has risen to seven, and the nursing home suspects that another five residents may have been infected because they have symptoms. No one can currently estimate whether the almost 100 residents were further infected. “The dynamic with Corona is difficult to predict,” says Markus Brändle. He is the head of the senior center. There are still no signals to give the all-clear.

No visits until the end of November

In order to defuse the situation, the Solino has now ordered a “hard but limited lockdown”, as Brändle says. Those who tested positive are in isolation. Anyone who has had contact with an infected person but has no symptoms is in quarantine. There is a general ban on visiting the Solino until November 30th. However, with exceptions, for example, for registered visitors in the protected visitor area or in special situations.

It is noticeable that currently more employees than residents are infected. The test has so far been positive for 14 of 130 employees. According to Brändle, however, there is no evidence that the virus got into the house through them. He says:

“We have always taken all protective measures.”

There are still no difficult courses in the Solino, there have been no deaths so far.

17 deaths, two people in critical condition in Uzwil

The situation is different in the Uzwil senior citizen center. 17 people have died there in the past three weeks. Already At the beginning of November there was a severe corona outbreak. A total of over 60 people were infected in the two locations in Sonnmatt and Marienfried.

Currently, 20 residents are still sick with the virus, as Uzwil mayor Lucas Keel says. He is also the President of the Home Commission. Two of these 20 people are in critical condition.

According to Keel, the fact that so many people died in the home is due to the fact that the Uzwil senior citizen center is a care institution. He says:

“Most of our people were already in poor health before the Corona outbreak.”

They did not die on, but with the virus.

On the way to normal operation

Visits to the senior citizen center are still prohibited, and normality has not yet returned. But one is on the way back to normal operations, says Keel. “The peak has been exceeded.” On the wards that no longer have positive cases, the residents can move freely again. How the virus got into the home is not known. Keel says:

“We don’t suspect anyone, and we don’t want to pillory anyone.”

A corona outbreak often hits home residents hard. But not just them. Relatives also often go through difficult times. “It was not easy for them to stop visiting the residents,” says Keel. “But we had to put the protective interests of the community above the interests of the individual.”

Nine people died in the Sonnenhof

There were also further deaths at the Sonnenhof retirement center in Wil. Nine people have now died there of Corona. This was announced by Thurvita, the operator of the Sonnenhof, on Friday. There was a serious outbreak in the retirement center four weeks ago. Overall, a third of the residents were infected. According to Thurvita, the majority of those infected are recovering well.

In the meantime, however, there have also been corona cases in other Thurvita facilities, in the Fürstenau care center and in the Bergholz care apartment. So far, there have been a total of 72 infections among Thurvita residents, the message continues. Another was added to the nine deaths in the Sonnenhof.

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