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Coronavirus problems: what you need to know if you travel | news

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – As health officials continue to monitor the number of potential coronavirus cases, they are generating questions about travel, particularly with spring break in a few weeks.

Many people wonder if they should cancel, postpone or keep their travel plans as they are.

“You can still do it, just be a careful consumer,” said Doreen Loofburrow.

Loofburrow says that if you’re planning a trip early and are worried about the coronavirus and if you can cancel on short notice, you have options.

“If you book a hotel, for example, many hotels that meet industry standards expect to be canceled about 48 hours in advance,” said Loofburrow. “So, book now, you have up to 48 hours to cancel it. The rental car is similar, you can cancel it without penalty. “

Loofburrow says airlines are also offering flexible options.

He says Alaska, American and Jet Blue have relaxed their policies. He says that if you make a new reservation in the coming weeks, the airlines will waive the cancellation fees if you change your mind later.

But what about getting insurance for travelers?

“Right now you really need to become a lowercase reader because coronavirus has been known as an epidemic since the CDC since February 3 and most travel insurance companies rule out epidemics,” said Loofburrow. “So if I wanted to buy a policy today, it would rule out cancellation because of the coronavirus.”

He says there are cancellation policies for any reason or cancellation at any time that are much more expensive, and he says that those coverage plans also have exclusions.

Here is the AAA checklist if you travel in the next six to nine months:

At the moment, the CDC recommends travelers to avoid any non-essential travel to the following destinations: China, Iran, South Korea and Italy.

With China and Iran, the entry of foreign nationals from these destinations has been suspended. The CDC recommends that older adults or those with chronic medical conditions consider postponing their trip to Japan.

The CDC states that travelers should practice normal precautions with travel to Hong Kong. Right now, even with coronavirus problems, Loofburrow says many are still not making changes.

“Most people stick with their travel plans and not many cancel.” You know it’s really a personal decision and in many cases, if you are not going to travel, you have booked a trip, for example, for the next fall, there is no reason for this point to make a decision. “

The Oregon health authority says that if you travel on an airplane, be sure to wash your hands and say it is safe to travel.

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