Coronavirus. Prof. Horban: We will not vaccinate children at first

Prof. Horban was asked in Program I of the Polish Radio whether the possibility of compulsory vaccinations against COVID-19 was taken into account. – I think that the word “take into account” is adequate to what is happening. If something is introduced that is mandatory, then it must be enforceable. It is hard for me to imagine that a citizen is caught in the street and forcibly vaccinated, “he said.

Horban is also against punishment for refusing to vaccinate. “Here the punishment is quite simple for the unvaccinated. They start to get sick” – he emphasized.

The professor pointed out that the vaccine will be approved for use after the third phase of clinical trials, which determine safety and effectiveness in a larger number of people. “It must take time and must cost. We will not vaccinate before obtaining these results” – noted the expert.

Asked if the children should be vaccinated, he replied that they too should be vaccinated. He pointed out that children in schools and kindergartens have contact with pathogens. “At first we will not vaccinate children. (…) Because if the vaccine is available to a limited extent, we will vaccinate people who are most at risk of developing severe disease,” he said.

He added that the priority is the special protection of people at risk of severe disease.

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