Coronavirus – Rafael Nadal: “A lot of things that are not logical” – Fil Info

Rafael Nadal, the world number two, wondered on Monday Instagram why tennis players could not practice their sport while other trades continue to work despite the confinement imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. “It is true that I do not understand very well why we cannot play tennis when a lot of people go to work,” said the Spaniard in a live video, asked about his way of training in confinement. “Especially in our sport, where we keep great safety distances,” added Rafa, 19 Grand Slam titles. “I understand the situation, however, there are a lot of things that are not logical, but you have to accept the rules and live with them,” he said during this live show, in which Andy Murray and Roger also participated. Federer. “I understand that we are in a very complicated situation, that the government is overwhelmed by an unprecedented situation and I also understand that who can train or not is the last thing they think about … going to be difficult to play official tournaments in the short term, “added the Spaniard.


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