Coronavirus, record of infections in Sweden since the beginning of the pandemic: over 7,200. France postpones Black Friday: “Let’s see the exit from the tunnel”. Spain: “A large part of the population vaccinated by mid-2021”

While Europe tries to resist the impact of the second and most powerful wave of coronavirus, with new peaks of infections recorded in Germany, Sweden, Russia e Ukraine, from France the president of the scientific council Jean-Francois Delfraissy said he saw “The exit from the tunnel”. In an interview with The world, the expert also talked about the hypothesis of one compulsory vaccination against the epidemic, arguing that France “has no right to make mistakes” in the distribution of doses.

The doctor’s words are confirmed by the health agency Public health who said in the morning: “Although the indicators remain at high levels, their observation suggests that the epidemic peak of the second wave has been exceeded“, We read in a note according to which“ the current results allow us to see a clear decrease in all indicators, more marked in the first metropolises placed under curfew ”. However, the government has found an agreement with the traders on the Black Friday: if the shops will be able to anticipate the reopening from 1 December to 27 November, the whole trade sector, included Amazon France, agreed to postpone for a week, al December 4th, the consumer event of the year. According to what is learned, it would be a question of bringing the reopening of shops (excluding bars and restaurants) to November 27.

The Sweden continues to have records of new cases, with 7,240 contagions in the last 24 hours. There were 66 deaths, bringing the total to 6,406. The death rate in Sweden, which in recent months has applied a strategy to fight Covid without any form of lockdown, is now much higher than in other Nordic countries.

Also in Spain you are working on a vaccination plan involving the largest number of citizens in the shortest possible time and the prime minister Pedro Sanchez assured that the country will vaccinate a “substantial part” of the population against Covid by mid-2021. Meanwhile, the regional government of Madrid decided to close the borders with the other regions of Spain between 4 and 13 December. Movements will only be allowed for emergency reasons, as he explains The country citing the regional deputy minister of health Antonio Zapatero: “We want things to go as well as possible in view of the approach of Christmas” to which “we want to arrive in the best possible conditions”. For the President of the Community, Dìaz Ayuso, it is a “surgical measure to collaborate with the rest of the administrations, avoid massive displacements and give an impulse to the reduction of infections in the face of such an important date as the Christmas“.

Meanwhile, in the world there are new records of infections: in United States the cases registered in the last 24 hours are more than 200mila, with ben 2,200 victims. In Turkey come into effect tonight the new restrictions announced by the president Recep Tayyip Erdogan: from 20 starts on night curfew, which will be maintained only on weekends, until 10am the following day. The limitation will end on Monday at 5 am to allow the resumption of work activities. They will be instead citizens over 65 and under 20 are in lockdown, provided they are not workers, who will be granted windows to go out between 10 and 13 and between 13 and 16 respectively, respectively. distance learning only e closure of cinemas and theaters until the end of the year, while i restaurants they will only do take-out and home delivery activities. Finally, professional sports competitions can continue, but without an audience.

UK – Curve of the second wave of coronavirus stabilizing in the UK, after two full weeks of national lockdown bis in England. This is confirmed by the data according to which in the last 24 hours the new infections have been 20,252 against almost 23 thousand yesterday, with another 511 deaths against 501 yesterday. The Rt index on the spread of coronavirus infections returns to fall towards the safety threshold of 1 in the United Kingdom. This is indicated by the updated data as of November 12 elaborated by the medical-scientific commission that supports the government of Boris Johnson on the front of the Covid emergency (Sage), currently estimating it at a level between 1 and 1.1, against 1.1- 1.12 of the previous week.

Canada – Toronto e Peel, two of the great cities ofOntario, will be in lockdown from Monday for 28 days. Schools will remain open but bars and restaurants will only be able to serve take-away lunches and dinners. Instead, supermarkets and pharmacies will remain open but with a capacity limited to 50%. The gatherings will be limited to 10 people. The decision was made following the increase in cases and the forecast of a possible worsening of the situation in the coming weeks.

Ukraine – Ukrainian health authorities have registered 14,575 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours. This is the highest number of infections recorded since the beginning of the pandemic, after the previous record of 13,357 cases. Health Minister Maksym Stepanov also reported that the total number of infections so far recorded is 598,085 cases, with 10,598 deaths.

Russia – In the country of President Putin, a record number of 24,318 new cases of coronavirus was recorded, with 6,902 infections confirmed in Moscow alone. The national total since the start of the pandemic is currently 2,039,926 cases. Health authorities have also ascertained 461 new coronavirus deaths, for a total of 35,311 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Iran – There are 13,260 cases of Covid-19 recorded in the last 24 hours in Iran. The total number of infections since the beginning of the pandemic rises to 828,377. The victims on the last day amounted to 479, bringing the total deaths to 43,896.

India – More than 9 million cases. The country is thus the second in the world with the highest number of infections, after the United States.

Mexico – With over 100,000 victims, the country is the fourth in the world to have crossed this threshold.

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