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Coronavirus Remedies: Gamers May Bring Research Breakthrough

The corona virus is currently becoming more and more and that although a cure is still missing. Apparently gamers could now change this fact significantly.

  • Computer game is said to be against Corona virus help.
  • Players can create strands of protein.
  • No Gamers must have medical knowledge.

Boston – The Corona virus is now represented on almost all parts of the world and researchers are trying with a hand Remedies to find. With the game Fold It can Gamers Help research around the world by creating protein structures.

Coronavirus Remedies: Gamers Around The World Help

For the fight against that Corona virus gamers can finally do something. The game Fold It, developed by scientists from Northeastern University in Boston, is a simple puzzle game from 2008.

But this game has it all, because new protein structures can be created there. Initially, these were intended for research and others Remedies to find. But by the outbreak of the Corona virus the game now focuses on one Remedies against the virus.

In reality, protein structures are almost infinite. There are too many to test them all in just one or more laboratories. Therefore can Gamers now create the structures yourself at home, which can then be tested and maybe the key to Remedies from Corona virus are. The servers do not alone manage the enormous number of structures to be tested.

The protein you’re looking for is supposed to prevent that Corona virus can bind to a human protein receptor.

“[…] Knowing the structure of a protein is the key to understanding how it works and how to specifically combat it. A small protein can consist of 100 amino acids, while some human proteins can be huge (1000 amino acids). The number of different ways a small protein can fold itself is astronomical because there are so many degrees of freedom. Finding which of the many, many possible structures is the best is considered one of the most difficult problems in biology today, and current methods cost a lot of time and money even for computers. Fold It tries to predict the structure of a protein by taking advantage of human enigmatic intuitions and allowing people to play competitively to fold the best proteins. “

One of the almost infinite number of proteins created at Fold It.

© Fold it

The Corona virus has a so-called “spike protein”, which makes it possible to bind to a protein already present in the human body. The protein that is being sought is supposed to bind to other protein instead of the virus. The infection can thus be inhibited and an outbreak of the disease in the body can be prevented.

If such a protein turns out to be promising in the first test phases, it will be taken apart with the help of further tests in the laboratory. It is then questionable how far it will go, since a precise breakthrough to the protein structure has not yet taken place. No scientific knowledge is required for the game and everyone can download the game for free. So you don’t have to be a biologist or doctor to make a protein.

Coronavirus Remedies: High levels of involvement can lead to faster healing

A high level of participation on the part of Gaming world means more protein structures for the laboratory at Northeastern University. The university can thus relieve its own servers, but at the same time carry out more tests. Since there is a huge, almost infinite, number of possibilities for a real protein, what the Corona virus all forces in the world are in demand.

If you haven’t already downloaded the game, you can do so on the Fold It website to do. And should you not play yourself, but the virus continues to declare war, you can make your unused computing power available to science

These then continue to do research using your computing power. Perhaps you will soon be the savior and discover the important protein to spread the Corona virus to prevent.

The Corona virus has caused some failures in the gaming world. For example, the League of Legends tournament MSI was based on Corona virus postponed. Larger companies also protect themselves by not sending their employees to events such as Sony now at PAX East 2020.

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