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Coronavirus: Researchers develop new active ingredient – but time is the big catch

The corona virus continues to make headlines worldwide. German scientists are now said to be on the track of a drug against the virus.

  • The Corona virus* spreads further.
  • Meanwhile, you’re looking for a drug.
  • Scientists from the German Primate Center (DPZ) and the University of Lübeck are on the trail of a drug.

Update from March 13, 2020, 9.55 a.m .: The search for one Active ingredient against the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 continues to run at full speed. While the Number of infected meanwhile on 2750 has risen reports the NDR about a new one Active ingredient from Lübeckthat is supposed to help against the virus.

Coronavirus: Researchers from Lübeck develop active ingredient

According to a team of researchers Professor Rolf Hilgenfeld the University of Lübeck developed an active ingredient. He and his team currently have an incredible workload. “We spend up to 18 hours here in the laboratory,” the head of the Institute of Biochemistry told the Lübeck news.

As reported by NDR.de, the active ingredient is said to alreadytested in human lung cells been with the SARS-CoV-2 are infected. According to Professor Hilgenfeld, the active ingredient is active. According to his approach, he is supposed to render the viruses in the lungs harmless. The active ingredient is said to paralyze the enzyme that the virus needs to enter the lungs.

Coronavirus: a long way from drug to drug

The team around Hilgenfeld will soon be presenting the results in the renowned scientific journal “Science”. So far, there is no mention of a drug that can be used. It was still one long way Hilgenfeld says that it can be used to make a drug out of the active substance in the laboratory.

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Animal experiments on mice would have to be carried out, and the active ingredient would also have to be tested on both healthy and sick volunteers. Side effects tests should also be performed. “It may take some time before the right medication is in the pharmacy,” said the researcher, but is still optimistic that it could go faster in this case. The background to this is 140 million that the household has made available to advance research.

However, time could make a huge spanner in the works. One of the main problems in the development of active substances is that there could be no more sick people when the drug is ready for a test phase.

In China, where the coronavirus first broke out, the peak of the spread appears to have passed. According to official statistics, China has reported significantly fewer new infections and deaths in recent days.

Coronavirus: Potential drug found – it could help in the short term: “Have found that …”

Munich – The Corona virus spreads further. The situation in Italy after the outbreak of the corona virus is serious. There are now almost 6,000 infected and over 230 dead (as of March 8, 2020). In Italy, travel is now banned for almost 16 million people.

In Germany, too, the situation is getting worse because of the
Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2*. German scientists are now on the track of a drug against the virus.

Coronavirus: TMPRSS2 Enzyme The Key To A Drug?

As the German Primate Center (DZP) via his website, research was carried out in collaboration with colleagues from the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin to find out how Corona virus SARS-CoV-2* penetrates cells. Corona viruses therefore need one to penetrate the lung cells Protease or a enzyme called TMPRSS2.

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“Our results show that SARS-CoV-2 needs the protease TMPRSS2 present in the human body to penetrate into the host cell.” Stefan Pöhlmann, Head of the Department of Infection Biology at the DZP. This provided a starting point for fighting the virus, Pöhlmann continued.

“An existing drug that inhibits this protease could therefore be a promising treatment option,” he said DZP.

Coronavirus drug: “Tests suggest that …”

On the Enzyme TMPRSS2 be one of those approved in Japan Drug Camostat Mesilate encountered that originally used for inflammation of the pancreas. “We tested SARS-CoV-2 from a patient and found that Camostat Mesilate blocks the entry of the virus into lung cells,” says infection biologist Dr. Markus Hoffmann quoted on the DZP website.

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Against the picture (Article behind payment barrier) Hoffmann confirmed that the results would suggest that Camostat Mesilate could also protect against COVID-19. “This should be investigated in the context of clinical studies.” However, how long this will take remains unclear. So far, there is only talk of a potential drug.

So far, it has also looked rather bad for a vaccine for the coronavirus. As Lothar Wieler, head of the Robert Koch Institute, said that a vaccine should not be used before 2021.

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Coronavirus: The Isolation from major cities such as Milan and Venice shows how controversial the situation is now. Commentary from Merkur editor-in-chief Georg Anastasiadis. The corona virus has arrived in Baden-Württemberg. The RKI added the Alsace region adjacent to Baden-Württemberg as a risk area.

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The corona virus keeps the whole world in suspense. Italy is in a state of emergency. But in the city of Siena, people defy the virus in a beautiful way.


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