Coronavirus: South Florida entered Phase 2 of deconfinement

The authorities have authorized the schools to reopen, although each establishment will decide when (EFE / EPA / CRISTOBAL HERRERA-ULASHKEVICH)

With the go-ahead of Florida Governor Ron de Santis, Miami-Dade and Broward counties They entered the second reopening phase this Monday.

The average number of positive cases of COVID-19 in the last fourteen days is 5.63 percent for Miami-Dade, with a number of 240 people infected yesterday – practically half of what was reported two weeks ago – and the daily death report was 12 people – the lowest since June.

With these numbers, Mayor Carlos Giménez and his colleague in Broward, Dale Holeness, gave the go-ahead to move on to the next phase of reopening.

What is Phase 2?

The Indoor entertainment centers, such as concert halls, movie theaters, or theaters, may be open at 50 percent capacity. While the new rule takes effect on Monday, it is expected that most of these establishments will take several days to adapt to the new reality. The new requirements also indicate that they must offer visitors access to sites with sinks or disinfection stations, similar to what restaurants are doing.

The Commercial premises of all kinds, gyms, beauty salons and restaurants will be able to work with an interior capacity of 75 percent, until now it was 50 percent. The rest of the rules, such as the use of masks, remain in place.

Businesses and restaurants will increase their activities (REUTERS / Marco Bello / Archivo)
Businesses and restaurants will increase their activities (REUTERS / Marco Bello / Archivo)

Will still stand the curfew at night, but it will be from 11 at night until 6 in the morning, and not from 10 at night as before.

The Bars and discos will be closed until further notice.

School establishments may open face-to-face classes. This does not mean that public schools are going back to teaching in schools right now, but that they have the possibility to do so. On September 22 there will be a meeting of the Miami-Dade School Board where the future of the schools will be decided. Everything would seem to indicate that the children would return to the classrooms from October. At least those children whose parents decide to send them to class. The virtual option is expected to remain.

Without giving a specific date, Miami-Dade County also announced that in the coming days they plan to reopen attractions such as the zoo or Jungle Island. In Broward, whose numbers of infections are even lower, the mayor assured that new eases will arrive very soon.

At the moment the bars will remain closed (REUTERS / Marco Bello)
At the moment the bars will remain closed (REUTERS / Marco Bello)

Within the new rules, doubts arise. For example, it is assumed that some industries such as events could be operational again. It is expected that weddings can begin to be held at fifty percent of the capacity of the site chosen for the celebration, although there was no specific announcement in this regard.

The greatest controversy of the new rules was sparked by the decision of not allowing bars to reopen. A group of bar owners protested on the streets of South Florida on Monday because they considered it arbitrary that they were not allowed to work. Some local politicians said they understood the claim.

“Personally, I am talking to merchants in the area to try to find a way for them to reopen safely. I think that if the restaurants can operate, perhaps we could reach an agreement with the bars so that they work only with their customers seated at tables, and thus maintain social distance, “said the mayor of the city of Miami, Francis Suárez. , who does not have the ability to order the opening of bars unless authorized by Miami-Dade County.

The order to wear masks at all times remains in effect. Who does not wear a face mask while on the street or in a shop, he faces a fine of at least $ 100.


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