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Coronavirus: the cell phone, a big forgotten preventative measure

The actions recommended to combat the spread of the coronavirus are now part of our daily lives. When we ask to cough in our elbow, not to touch our face and to wash our hands regularly, we seem to forget an object that we all handle several dozen times a day: the smartphone.

Yet the fact that phones carry bacteria and viruses is nothing new. In an article on the subject, franceinfo interviewed a specialist, Didier Pittet, head of the infection prevention and control service at university hospitals in Geneva (Switzerland) and co-inventor of hydroalcoholic gel. “People will take samples from phones and find viruses”, underlines Didier Pittet. “But it remains to be seen whether they will be able to contaminate the user”, which is harder to prove. “We can imagine a whole series of things, but there has never been a study on the role of laptops in epidemics. And nothing has been demonstrated in the laboratory on this point.”

Clean your phone

You still have to be vigilant, because if there are no studies on this subject, the virus can resist “a few hours or even a few days” in a more humid environment, and all the more if it is deposited on the phone by fluids “which contain a lot of mucus or cells”, as in a fatty cough, for example.

It is therefore important, once again, to follow the hygiene recommendations … and to clean your phone to reduce the risks! To do this, simply use the same products as for disinfecting other surfaces. Apple has so updated its cleaning instructions, and recommends the use of wipes impregnated with 70% alcohol, only on “non-porous surfaces”.

Be careful, of course, that the phone supports!

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