Coronavirus, the day after the death of Jole Santelli the EU rewards Calabria: it is the only region of Italy to obtain the green badge

The day after the death of the President of the Calabria Region, Jole Santelli, who suddenly disappeared in her home in Cosenza due to an illness, news arrives from Brussels that would have made the Governor proud.

Calabria is the only region in Italy to obtain the green badge in relation to the progress of the epidemic from Coronavirus.

The land of the Riace Bronzes is in fact the only region to remain below the critical threshold in the prevention and control of the disease. Countries like Norway, Finland and Greece also keep her company.

The ranking was drawn up by the experts of’Ecdc, the European agency in charge of monitoring the progress of the epidemic, which have the task of monitoring the progress of the same in the EU, in order to identify critical issues and resolve them. The map drawn up by the ECDC aims to coordinate measures between the various states, in order to promote the containment of the coronavirus pandemic and avoid the indiscriminate closure of borders and transport.

The criteria taken into consideration are mainly two: the rate of new cases per 100 thousand inhabitants and the rate of positive tests on the total swabs performed. As a result, each state or region receives a color: green (when an epidemiological situation is detected below the alert level), orange (intermediate risk), red (high risk). Then there is the gray color assigned to those regions that carry out few tests (less than 300 per 100 thousand inhabitants).

An award that the Calabria she managed to earn with one solid containment strategy. The President of the Region, Jole Santelli, has in fact managed the coronavirus emergency with intelligence and competence, taking into consideration the real health and economic situation of this land and implementing a strategy to this.

Jole Santelli

A strategy that had caused her not a few controversies, but which turned out to be successful. At the beginning of the pandemic, as she herself admitted, she emulated the Veneto, closing schools and meeting places a week earlier than the government. After a few days, it closed the same region highlighting the health problems that prevented it from risking a worsening of the pandemic. And with a month earlier than the rest of Italy, when the situation in Calabria was extremely calm from an epidemiological point of view, he had permitted the opening of bars and restaurants through an ordinance. Decision challenged by the Government, but defended by Santelli which highlighted the different economic matrix of the southern regions, which are purely touristic, compared to those of the North, which are more industrial.

The Calabrian strategy had even received acclaim from the New York Times.

Not only: Calabria was among the first regions to demonstrate how the coronavirus pandemic had to be managed at the end of the lockdown. It was June 22 when a small outbreak was identified in Taureana, in the province of Reggio Calabria. The Governor’s reaction was immediate: municipality declared “Red zone” and contact tracing was activated, with swabs that had made it possible to identify the positives, preventing the spread of the epidemic. Emergency resolved within a few weeks to prove that the containment strategy based on swabs for those who had had contact with positives and localized lockdowns was a winner.

In August, in the midst of tourism, Calabria was the first region of Italy to close discos and dance venues, places where it was impossible to contain the spread of infections. And when, at the end of the summer, cases began to increase, avant-garde Jole Santelli was also among the first to reintroduce the obligation to wear masks even outdoors. Decision that, once again, turned out to be right.

In short, a fully earned promotion, that of Calabria which is today the orphan of its Governor and which sees in that green stamp the hope of a tomorrow up to what it deserves.

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