Coronavirus They contemplate closing bridges between Gómez Palacio and Torreón

Gómez Palacio, Durango. /

It will be this weekend when will restrict mobility in public transport in Durango, as the 18 urban routes and their 350 passenger buses will stop circulating on the streets of the urban area of ​​Gómez Palacio and Lerdo with the aim of stopping the contagion of coronavirus that have the health sector in crisis.

The foregoing was confirmed by the Undersecretary of Government in La Laguna, Manuel Ramos Carrillo and the Deputy Director of Transport in this same area, Armando Ramírez Barley, who They announced that it will not be a unilateral measure, since the three levels of government represented by the National Guard, the State Police and the municipal police will have to participate in this operation.

They pointed out that in these measures They appeal to the understanding of society and the solidarity of transport concessionaires and unions for what from Saturday at 3:00 p.m. take your units to their terminals and do not resume activity until 5:00 am on Monday.

Meanwhile, they reported that From Monday to Friday, it will be held from 6 in the morning to 10 at night, maintaining the protocol set since March passed with a capacity of 50 percent of the units and applying disinfection measures every week and permanent cleaning of their interiors, as well as expanding the passage of the units through the bus stops.

They specified that These and other measures are supported by the health emergency decree announced by the governor, José Rosas Aispuro last Monday afternoon.

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In the same way as of this weekend The possibility of closing three bridges crossing the Gómez Palacio conurbation with Torreón is being evaluated, as are Carlos Herrera before Lázaro Cárdenas, Cobián and Creel, leaving only free access those of the peripheral Mexican Army or Yellow Door and the silver from the boulevard Miguel Alemán.

“Above all, the measure is for the purpose of raising awareness among people, that they have the least possible mobility, slowing down and discouraging mobility; We also had a meeting of the La Laguna Special Command, which is analyzing the possibility of slowing down the mobility of people and exercising greater control over bridges for 15 days to assess whether this provision can reduce contagion rates ” , said.

In the same way they specified that During the weekends, taxi bases will be established to attend emergencies or emergencies towards transfers to hospitals or pharmacies if required by families.

At the same time they asked the population not to leave their homes except for very essential work activities or for purely health reasons, since it will help with the police corporations indicated to inhibit mobility in any point of the cities of Gómez Palacio and Lerdo.

In the case of taxis, he reported that there is a provision to ensure that only the driver and two passengers go inside, no more, otherwise the corresponding fines will be applied.

Ramírez Barley said that in this sense, there has been dialogue with many of the companies and they have the personnel transportation system, while in which their understanding is not asked so that there is no repression of the workers in case of any unpunctuality ; while in addition, transportation is being offered from 6 in the morning so that workers also take their precautions and leave their homes in a timely manner.

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