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Coronavirus: travel warning increased drastically – SALZBURG24

The unpredictability of Spread of the corona virus “Requires special vigilance on the part of the Austrians. We therefore strongly advise against all trips that are not absolutely necessary and call for people to return to Austria while there are still opportunities to return,” the minister continued.

Countries that were previously ranked 5 or 6, such as Iran, Italy and South Korea, are excluded from the measure.

Better avoid traveling

It is a one-off measure with which the State Department urgently advises you to refrain from traveling or to start your journey home immediately if you are abroad for vacation or business trips. “On the one hand, there is the risk of the corona virus, on the other hand, the measures of more and more countries that have entry or exit restrictions,” said Peter Guschelbauer, spokesman for the ministry, the APA. This drastically increases the risk of travelers “stranding” abroad.

Austrians living abroad with a permanent residence in other countries are explicitly not addressed. According to Guschelbauer, tens of thousands of people who are currently traveling abroad are affected.

Holidaymakers in Italy come home

The last domestic tourists who are still stuck in Italy will return to Vienna on Friday afternoon. The State Department has organized a special flight with an AUA machine that will “collect” around 150 vacationers. As Guschelbauer announced, the plane will first fly to Rome Fiumicino Airport and then take on more passengers at Venice Airport. From the current perspective, the landing in Vienna-Schwechat can be expected around 4 p.m., said Guschelbauer.

Corona virus tests before and after flight

To ensure that no people infected with SARS-CoV-2 get on board, health checks are carried out before the return journey. The passengers also have to undergo such tests after landing in Schwechat. In order to implement the officially defined security measures, the tourists must then go to self-monitored home quarantines for 14 days. Guschelbauer emphasized that the return flight will be accompanied by foreign ministry employees and a doctor.

(Source: APA)

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