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Coronavirus: two schools in Cheshire shut down after students return from ski trips to Italy | UK news

One school closed and another closed its sixth form after students returned from mid-term ski trips to Italy.

The two schools, both in Cheshire, made the decision Tuesday and it arrives like The Italian authorities continue to struggle for control a burst of COVID-19.

A message to the parents of Richard Pollock, the principal of Cransley School in Northwich, says the closure will remain in effect for the remainder of the week in order to “completely minimize” the risk of infection.

It comes after some students and school staff visited Bormio in northern Italy last week and since then he had been advised to insulate himself.

“Regardless of current Public Health England advice (that the school should remain open to all other pupils) I decided … to completely minimize the possible spread of the infection and close the school for the rest of the week,” he wrote. .

“During this time, the school will be able to conduct deep cleansing and monitor test results among those pupils who currently exhibit flu-like symptoms.”

Meanwhile, the Brine Leas Academy in Nantwich said on Twitter that it had decided to close its sixth form “due to staff shortages”.

The message followed a previous tweet that said the facility would “follow government advice on travel to Italy”.

A third Cheshire school, Sanbach High School, was also affected after a half-length ski trip to the Lombardy region.

In a statement on its website, the school said: “The latest advice from Public Health England and NHS 111 is that students and staff who attended the school trip during the semester in Aprica must stay indoors, isolate themselves, play 111 to get more information. “

Speaking specifically of Brine Leas and Sanbach, the Eastern Council of Cheshire said that “close contact was made” with the staff “to offer adequate support and guidance to ensure the safety of pupils, staff and the public”.

He added: “Schools have sent home staff and pupils who have just returned from travel to Italy as a precautionary measure.

“However, it should be noted that the trips did not visit an area specified as an area controlled by the Italian government.

“We would like to point out that there are currently no COVID-19 cases identified in Cheshire East.”

In Italy seven people died and more than 200 suspected and confirmed cases of coronavirus have been recorded in what has become the largest disease outbreak in Europe.

A dozen cities in northern Italy have been put in a state of blockade to control the spread of the infection and neighboring Austria has assembled a special task force to consider border controls.

France, which covers part of Italy’s north-western border, said that there are no current control plans but that the situation was “worrying”.

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