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Coronavirus UK: fifth person dies from Covid-19

A fifth person in the UK died after contracting the coronavirus, an NHS Trust said.

I am the second coronavirus patient to be announced dead on Monday. Both were 70 years old with basic health problems.

The first was being treated at a Wolverhampton hospital and the second at St. Helier hospital in Jersey.

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Wolverhampton’s patient is believed to have contracted the virus on British soil, Britain’s leading medical practice Chris Whitty said, adding that NHS officials are tracking down those they had been in contact with.

It comes when the number of cases in the United Kingdom increased from 46 to 319 on Monday, with the prime minister and senior health officials warning that the country could soon overcome the “containment” phase of the epidemic.

The government’s action plan has three phases: containing, delaying and mitigating.

Moving on to the delay phase would likely see the introduction of “social distancing” measures – such as banning major events, closing schools and encouraging people to work from home, who were mulled over by ministers at a Cobra meeting chaired by Boris on Monday Johnson.

In announcing the fourth fatality, in the House of Commons, Matt Hancock said that scientific advice was clear that moving to the next stage too early created his risks.

“In all, our approach is driven by science. This is the foundation on which we base all our decisions, “the health secretary told MPs.

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In a press conference with the Prime Minister, Whitty further investigated this aspect, warning citizens “understandably they will tire” if more extreme measures – such as those seen in Italy – were introduced too early.

However, he said those with mild respiratory infections and fevers will soon be asked to self-isolate for at least seven days.

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