Coronavirus USA. Official asks elders “not to sacrifice the country”

The Lieutenant Governor of Texas says that U.S should return to work before the global pandemic of the covid-19 coronavirus and that people over the age of 70, which according to the Centers for Disease Control are the population most at risk for coronavirus, “They will know how to take care of themselves”.

Republican official Dan Patrick made the remarks Monday night on the Fox News show. Tucker Carlson Tonight. President Donald Trump had previously said he wanted the country to return to normal activity in a matter of weeks, not months.

“Let’s go back to work. Let’s go back to life. Let’s do it smart, ”said Patrick, 69. “And those of us who are 70 years or older will take care of ourselves. But let’s not sacrifice the country. “

A spokeswoman for the official did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday night. Patrick, 69, hinted that there are many grandparents like him and that he does not “want the whole country to be sacrificed.”

“Nobody has asked me if, as a senior citizen, I am willing to risk my survival in exchange for maintaining America as it is for our children and our grandchildren. Because my answer is yes, I am willing. There are many grandparents. they feel like me and they don’t want the country to be sacrificed, “he said.

Health specialists have made it clear that if Americans do not continue to drastically limit social interaction, stay home and isolate themselves, the spread of evil will grow to overwhelm the health system, as has happened in parts of Italy, and will cause many more deaths.

Although the outbreaks are concentrated in some parts of the country, such as New York, experts warn that the disease is highly contagious and will spread without a doubt.

Coronavirus in Texas

Patrick, a right-wing agitator and former radio host, was elected to the post in 2014. He led the 2016 Trump presidential campaign in Texas and, as a supervisor in the state Senate, has imprinted a right turn on it.

Texas has more than 350 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and nine deaths related to the virus. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has refused to enact for the state that everyone remain in their homes, but Dallas and San Antonio city officials have ordered it.

In most people, the coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever or cough. In older adults or people with pre-existing health problems it can lead to more serious disorders like pneumonia. In the world more than 375 thousand cases have been reported, and although most of the patients recover, more than 16 thousand people have died.



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