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Coronavirus vaccines that need a third dose and when they are given

La world population is immersed in a complex vaccination process to try to put brake to coronavirus pandemic who has been with us for more than a year.

The vaccination campaign advances and it is already divided among those who they wait their turn to start getting immunized, those who are already in the ready for the second dose and those who, with the complete pattern already inoculated, They discover that there is talk of the third dose or booster injection.

The CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, has pointed out at an ‘Axios’ event that, according to his website, “will probably be necessary“a booster dose” between eight and 12 months “after the first.

For its part, Moderna’s CEO, Stphane Bancel, for its part, it has announced that the third dose of this vaccine will be needed eight or nine months after the first.

Regarding the vaccine AstraZeneca, its low effectiveness compared to the South African variant -between 10% and 22%, according to several studies- could lead you to need a third injection as well.

When is the third dose of the vaccine administered?

In the case of Pfizer the third dose will have an identical formula to the first two injections – and should be inoculated between six and twelve months later. In this way, the vaccinated will complete their immunity to SARS-CoV-2.

Modern He plans to try three different ways to add a third dose: Adding one more dose of the existing vaccine with the same original formula, adding a third new vaccine that he has developed against the South African variant, or a combined booster vaccine that includes doses of the original and updated for the South African variant.

In the case of the vaccine AstraZeneca, it is unknown at the moment when it will be administered.


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