Coronavirus | WHO: The COVID-19 pandemic is “far from over”

COVID -19 “is far from over”, warned Maria Van Kerkhove, responsible for managing the pandemic at the World Health Organization (WHO).

In an interview with the AFP, in Geneva, the American scientist urged people to be “mentally prepared”, because the coronavirus “will be with us for a while.”

He also warned that “disagreements” in science and politics make fighting the virus “even more difficult”, what leaves 1.09 million dead and more than 38.5 million infections in the world, according to the count of the AFP.

The director of the Europe section in the WHO, Hans Kluge, announced that “the number of daily cases increases, the hospital admissions also. COVID-19 is already the fifth leading cause of death and the level of 1,000 deaths per day has been reached“.

And, based on projections, the WHO warned that a level of mortality could be reached “four or five times higher than in April” if restrictions are lifted prematurely.

But countries are desperate about the recession caused by the pandemic and the way it affects social and cultural life, sports, the world of work, health systems and even electoral campaigns.

Latin America and the Caribbean it is the most mourning region in the world with more than 373,000 deaths and 10 million infections.

Europe, with 6.8 million cases and more than 245,000 deaths, suffers a regrowth of proportions, with a significant spread of the coronavirus even in countries that had managed to defeat the first wave, such as Germany.

The European Commissioner for Health, Stella Kyriakides, asked the countries of the European Union do “what is necessary” to avoid widespread confinement. “Time is short and everyone must do what is necessary to avoid the devastating social, economic and health effects of widespread confinement,” he said.

The possibility of a new total confinement it is something that Europe cannot afford, according to WHO. “We cannot sustainably maintain a lockdown like the one in March, which was a stoppage. The pressure and collateral damage on people was too high,” Kluge said. (AFP)

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