Cossack warriors dance in Toledo their history and traditions


The stage of the Auditorium Theater El Greco hosts this Sunday at 7:00 pm, the show «Legends Cossack. El Musical ", a novel montage that serves as a framework for a review of the life and customs of this group through music, sabers and dance.

In the assembly, which brings to Toledo the State Theater of Dance «Cossacks of Russia» the spectators will meet with «brilliant» dances, but also with «pieces full of love, joy and some tears». The duration is two hours, which will tell the story, the legacy and the viscitudes of these warriors, who preferred to live in peace rather than go to war.

«Legends things. The Musical »is a review of the culture and traditions of this ethnic group, in which different eras and styles are mixed, as explained this Wednesday in Toledo, the producer Tatiana Solovieva, who explained that you can see the difference between the soldiers who defended the Russian border along the Don River, that of the North Caucasus or those of Ataman Nekrasov, who lived in exile in Turkey for two centuries and then returned to Russia in the 60s of the last century.

Tatiana Solonieva has resulted from the editing, directed by the great master, Leonid Milovanov, transmits illusion and emotion to the spectator, in which the costumes stand out, with oriental touches, the academic dances but with classical ballet as a basis, and the songs, of Cossack tradition and known to all.

The production company has pointed out that the State Dance Theater «Cossacks of Russia» is more than a company, it has 70 artists on the payroll, it has shoe and rehabilitation workshops and a dance school.

According to Solovieva, this company was in charge of representing Russia on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II of England in 2013 and often acts in the Moscow Kremlin Palace before more than 6,000 people. That is why he has encouraged Toledo spectators to enjoy this show that will feature in Toledo with 30 artists on stage and six singers -three women and three men-.

Yes, there is something for which Russian dancers and artists stand out because of the way they dance -which has been demonstrated in a small demonstration on the tables of the Rojas-, their good physical preparation, the handling of swords and spears and the impossible jumps that they realize and that they have been recognized hasa by the classic dancers, has indicated the production company.

Original show
For its part, the Councilor for Culture, Nuria Cogolludo, who has presented this show that has been described as "a show that we could not miss and that was worth bringing to the regional capital," has encouraged viewers not to miss one of the "most original of the current cycle" and that marks the commitment to the great pieces and local artists.

Finally, Nuria Cogulludo to journalists' questions about the works of Cafetín del Teatro de Rojas has affirmed that "they go in time", reason why it waits that, "very soon", it can be enjoyed in this new scenic space. He recalled that this space is designed to house a theater closer and works as the micro-theater. .


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